Sunday, December 18, 2011

Ambrosia van Finkelsteen

It was as cold as she supposed it would be. At least that was what her thermometer said. Lady Ambrosia van Finkelsteen did not feel any of the cold. Women had not been allowed to be explorers for a way too long time in her opinion. She dreamed of ice and snow and she really wanted to have tame icebear. After seeing an icebear in the zoo she changed her opinion and she only wanted to see an icebear in its normal habitat. One of the reasons she always had heard was "Its not possbile to look like a Lady should look because of the temperatures in the arctis". So she decided that she would look like a Lady on her expedition to the arctis. With her abigail she developed clothes which kept the cold where it should be outside of them. And even more they managed to create invisible fabrics. The combination of both allowed Ambrosia to explore several very cold spots of the earth and still to look elegant and nice. Of course nobody was able to touch her as she had a huge ball of invisble fabric around her in which she walked around. But this kept her from having to take a chaperon with her. She used this to learn many naughty songs from the crew of her ship.
Exploring the arctis
Christmas is getting closer with everyday so its time to get a nice fitting outfit. This steampunk kimono comes from 22769 and is only sold at the marketplace. The patterns on the dress are very pretty and the sleeves are just lovely. Very nice are especially the several layers of the upper sleeves which remind a bit on Art Nouveau. The obi has steampunk details like the gears and the copper bands. It comes either with primskirts or without. The outfit comes on several layers. It is needed to wear the systemskirt layer. The textures of the primparts and the system parts merge of course. It is possible to modify the outfit to make it fit every avatar. The colour fits very well to the season but it can be worn at other seasons as well and it even might be great for roleplaying at a steampunk sim.
The pose on this picture comes from Purple Poses.

Outfit: 22769 casual couture Vintage Series "Ledao Red" (210 L$ only sold on the Marketplace)
Pose: Purple Poses (10 L$)

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