Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Arctic and Antarctica

The most animals had managed to flee when they heard the singing, it was high-pitched and very painful in the ears. The ones which were not able to hear high tones started to run when hearing the trees explode. They did not see Arctic and Antarctica flying through the forest and spreading cold. The twins were the last ice fairies. Both insane, mean and driven by the lust for destruction and ice. The land they crossed was quickly covered in crystals.
IceFairies Couple I final
For centuries they had been kept by dwarfs in a mountain. In the first centuries the dwarfs took care that there were always some magicians controlling them. Arctic and Antarctica waited. They knew that they would not be killed, there were too many wars between the dwarf clans than they would have been willing to destruct a possible weapon. Connected on a telepathical way the twins decided to hibernate. Ice grew around their bodies so that it looked like they would be caught in crystals. Sometimes the dwarfs tried to wake them but always failed. The ice around the twins grew through the centuries and the dwarfs started to forget what they were keeping in the deepest level of the mountain the lived in. In opposite to that the twins were always aware that they were in a prison and they wanted revenge. It did not matter to them that the beings which had caught them had died ages ago. They only wanted to see and to taste frozen blood. When the dwarfs started to use the fairy caused ice to make icecream Arctic and Antarctica knew that their time was close. Slowly they let their dementia float into the ice and infected the dwarfs through the icecream. After a short time they had many little helpers who had nothing else in mind then getting to the core of the ice. Arctic always had enjoyed icecream but he had to admit that it tasted so much better mixed with dwarfblood. Although he did not really like the colour the ice got then. So they made their way out of the mountain leaving more ice and frosted dwarfs behind them. There was so much more to taste and to kill.
IceFairiesLarge frost I final
The ice crystal skins and the fitting outfits are the latest release from Fallen Gods Inc. . They are a ice version of the crystal skins which had been released at the fantasy faire in spring, and are also available in the same versions as those skins. That means they are available in four versions of the body. Those are Pure, Opal, Fae and OpalFae. The pure ones are without patterns on the skin. The opal ones look like there would be tiny crystals on the skin so that it shimmers. In the fae versions there are wingstructures on the skin and the opalfae is a mix of the shimmer and the wings. Each of those skintones is available in four makeups. The skins are of course available for both genders. The female ones come always with a super boobs version. The version of the grom face tattoo Storm is wearing on the pictures is currently a groupgift in the Fallen Gods Inc. group. The fitting outfits are stunning. It looks like ice would be running over the skin. They come with wings and several prim parts which repeat the ice theme. The drapes create an ethereal look. The Icecrystal outfits work of course also with other skins. The system layer parts come on the shirt/trousers and the underwear layers. The primparts contain resize scripts.
IceFairies Couple II final

On Storm:
Skin: CRYSTAL xy +Fallen Gods Inc.+ ICE Pure Corruption one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$.)
Hair: !lamb. - Heart (300 L$ colour pack 1500 Fatpack)
Eyes: -Glam Affair- Snow Queen Eyes (part of the With Love again... hunt-prize 10 L$)
Face-Tattoo: GROM face tattoo +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Ice Crystal Ed. (0 L$ group gift)
Outfit incl. wings: Ice Crystal, Male Outfit +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (500 L$)
Tongue: [ni.Ju] - Creepy Creature Tongue - Bloo (75 L$)
Poses: [ImpEle] & FrozenPanty (store seems to have closed)

On Dagmar:
Skin: CRYSTAL xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ ICE (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$.)
Outfit incl. wings: Ice Crystal, Female Outfit +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Chloe Hair (1500 L$ fatpack 250 L$ colour pack)
Poses: Purple Poses and Niqotine Poses (closed)

This blog post has been created by Storm and me. He took those wonderful pictures and I wrote a story to them.

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