Thursday, December 8, 2011

The ones at the gates

As different as they looked when they were in their true forms as similar was their appearance when they transformed themself into beings which looked more like humans.
Chama de Xeo forced more power into her stuff. So that it started to light the darkness around her. Her reptilian eyes would have allowed her to see her even in the night but she wanted to make sure that the beings on the last island knew that she was around. Chama was one of the guardians. Normaly the ones of her kin were not asked to guard anything. They prefered to sit on their hoards, only leaving them to threaten all kinds of beings to get more glittery things so that their piles of jewelery grew and grew.
DRACO Glacier II
Chama had done the same for two or three thousand years. But then she started to have a hoarding problem. Her cave became too small and she also had to recognize that the beings she pestered not always gave her gemstones. Some started to give her shiny glass crystals and she had taken those as precious stones. The thought that somebody might know that her hoard did not only consist out of very seldom and worthy items made her shiver. For some years she caught pretty young men and forced them to sort and polish the things on her hoard. All of those died really suddenly in her opinion. Most of those men had been kept by her for sixty years but that was not much time for a being like her. So after the seventh or eighth - they changed so fast so she had a hard time counting them - she had to admit that she needed to do something else. Luckily other dragons had had the same problem before and decided to do something which might kept them entertained for a longer time or which would at least keep them from killing themselfs because of boredom. Chama became a guard. As many others she spend her time now on an portal island and took care that none of those strange beings, which had never heard about magic, made their way into the world she loved.
DRACO Mithril I
What to say about the Draco skins from Fallen Gods Inc. beside that they are amazing? They come in 22 skin tones with 4 options at every skin tone. Of course they are available for both genders. But only the female ones come with a SB version (SB = Superboobs). The options consist of a scaled, a smooth one and a marked version of each of those. There are demos of all skins available in the store. They are great for roleplay and could be used to make for example mermaid/mermen avatars. And the ones without scales of course could be the base for any fantastic being.
The clothes on those pictures come from Deviance. The black set is called Enchantress. It comes with several options for the cape. It could be worn with and without collar and in a long and a short version. The skirt reminds a bit on silks and comes also in several options. I liked the one with beads and skulls best. The top comes on the systemlayers and there are also undies layers included into the set althought the skirt covers everything. The staff with the crystal belongs also to the set. The top in the shades of green belongs to the Elementalist sets. Those are only made of prims. The set contains a version of the clothes with a golden trim and one with a silvertrim. Each of those comes with two kind of tops, bracers for both arms and a skirt and all of those in two sizes. It takes some time to adjust all those primparts but the details are just so lovely which makes it worth it. And of course the textures are amazing.
DRACO Glacier I


Skin: Fallen Gods Inc.: DRACO Glacier xx +FGInc.+ Scaled (990 L$ or 3300 L$ for fatpack with all versions of that skin tone)
Outfit: * Deviance * - Enchantress (Onyx) (400 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ryoko Hair (250 L$ for one colour 1500 L$ for the fatpack)
Jewelry: Finesmith Rhonda full set (currently not in the store as the store is being rebuilt)

Skin: Fallen Gods Inc.: DRACO Mithril xx +FGInc.+ Scaled (990 L$ or 3300 L$ for fatpack with all versions of that skin tone)
Outfit: * Deviance * - Elementalist - Lagoon (500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)

The pictures have been taken at [E U R O P A] with poses from Purple Poses .

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