Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A different me


Recently I've received some different shapes to blog, for the most part of my blogging history I've been rather attached to a shape called 'Lana' by Xanthe Audeburgh of CS shapes and as such have been very reluctant to try anything else, afterall our shape is our identity. It seems to me however, that the shape creators out there tend to get a bit of a raw deal for that very reason. A great shape can compliment and change the look of a skin dramatically so it's important to have a little experiment, most shape stores have demos and it's important to utilise that facility. Believe me there have been many times I wish I'd tried demos before I rushed to buy. Anyway this week I tried out Jemma by Bodacious bodies which a super curvy luscious lady and I Love her!

Hair: 99L - ShenaII > Tameless
Skin: 600L - Victoria - Sea Queen > Les Petits Details
Shape: 800L - Jemma > Bodacious body works
Outfit: 110L - Lulu Jacket & cropped pants - Rosey > {:thirteenTH:}
Boots: 299L - Booty FUR grey > WOot
Bag: 66L - Bag flowers by WOot available @ >XYROOM

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