Thursday, January 12, 2012


The yard looked like it had been left alone for years. But Isobel did not care at all. This was the space where she wanted to make her dream come true. An own car repair shop. Of course the area was a bit wild but she knew that she was able to defend herself and of course she was aware of the fact that men mainly came to her because of her look. But she knew what she did. For sometime she had been working for other car repair shops. It had always been tricky to make her co-workers trust in her abilities. She hoped that it would be better when she had her own shop. Her old boss was quite annoyed when he recognized how many customers he lost after she opened her store.
zombie popcorn brand skin I
The zombie popcorn brand is in a new round and as always there are some nice items sold there. The skin from Skintimate is one of those. It has some makeup around the eyes which give it a serious expression. The pack contains the skin in three skintones. In combination with the mesh hair from Alice Project it creates a look which reminds me on italian girls. But that might just be me. The hair comes not only with a meshpart there is also a flexi part included which could be worn with the hair to make it look even more realistic. The top and the wristlets come both from Culto. The top consists only of prims and was surprisingly easy to fit. The necklace comes from Virtual/Insanity. Its a very sweet item and can be tinted in several patterns and colours with the help of a menu. The trousers are available at Acid and Mala. And the pose comes from CheerNo motion.

Skin: ' Skintimate ' Twinkling Star Skins (3 Tones) (150 L$) (sold at ZombiePopcorn Brand)
Hair: Alice Project - Amiya (200 L$ for one colour pack, 1000 L$ for the fatpack)
Necklace: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] .1964. NECKLAcE (149 L$)
Top: *Culto* Bitchy Top_CyanPython (169 L$)
Wristlets: *Culto* Undisclosed Bracelet_CyanPython (69 L$)
Trousers: .:A&M:. I heart my jeans - Unisex - Dark Blue - Ripped (100 L$)

Pose: [Cheerno Motion] (1 pose 50 L$)

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