Sunday, January 15, 2012

Les Petits Details


This is a big whopping blog post for me! I tend to just go for the bite sized portions so i'll try to keep it to a minimum and just say what I need to. The little details make all the difference and when it comes to home items you just have to adore Cleo designs which has 3 sets available currently at The black market, I'm only displaying a couple of things from one set but wow are they cute!

So more of the little details YES! Les petits details (yes I know i'm corny) this store is a veritable sweet shop for me, I just want everything! because everything is so very pretty, feminine and utterly charming. There is a constant flow of new items that's it's just so hard to keep up!

Last but not least, Heart softens is closing down! boo hoo!! so be quick to grab the fabulous hairs for only 39L before they vanish, a sample of some in the pic below.

Hair: 200L - Brande.2 - browns >
Outfit: 180L - Tiffany dress - Green > Les Petits Details
Scarf: 245L - Linen colour change scarf > Miel
Tights: 75L - for pack of 5 > jOLIE
Shoes: 0L - easter gift shoes > Donna Flora
Bag: 0L - LePelt Maleya > the plank
Table, vase, bowl & Paintings: 100L - Cozy home times in New year -  a small part of a set which also includes a wood burning stove, 2 sofas and a rug (not shown in this pic) by Cleo Design@ > The Black Market

Les petits details

Skin & shape: 600L - Giada > Les Petits Details

Hairs: 39L - closing down sale > Hearts softens

Poncho: 180L - Poncho - prune > Les Petits Details

Sweater: 200L - Romantica Sweater - green -  comes and bow (not shown) comes available in short & long version, I am weaing the long version in this pic  > Les Petits Details

Skirt: 180L - Bianca skirt - Green - comes in long & short versions I am wearing the long in this pic > Les Petits Details

Dress: 200L - Holiday time dress - Pink > Les Petits Details

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