Sunday, January 22, 2012

We Love 22769


This blog post is dedicated to Manuel Ormidale & Paco Pooley the creative souls of the store & brand 22769, not only am I a fan of their designs & work (I especially love the textures used in their creations) but I adore them as people too! It's pretty hard not to actually as they are 2 of the most warm hearted, fun, down to earth people you're ever likely to have the privilege of coming into contact with.

My fellow adorable blogger Dagmar Haiku loves them so much that she decided to dedicate an exhibition to them at Lust4Art an art gallery which she succesfully manages. It is essentially  a collection of works from friends and bloggers dedicated to the designs of 22769. The exhibition will run from 22nd January - 29th February and you'll find it > HERE so come along and take a peek, If the boys are around I'm sure they will make you most welcome too!

Hair: 99L - Dori > Tameless
Outfit: 190L -  The outfir comprises of shirt, sweater & jeans by 22769@ > The Gallery gift shop
Shape: 200L - Cassandre > Lilau
Boots: 299L - Black/grey riding boots > WOot
Belt: 0L -  colour change belt, Part of a free outfit > Bukka

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  1. awwws ... don't no what to write .. just THANKY YOU *tries to hide the tears in his eyes*