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The light in the castle was green. There had been humans who became sick only because of the light. Not that any of those who lived in the castle cared about this. More suffering made the things even more intresting. Ages ago Fester had been an elf. Now only some ancient trees remembered the time when he walked frolicing through the forest. Everything could have been perfect. He was the young lord of an old elf clan and supposed to marry the one he loved soon. But then she disappeared. There were rumors that she had been kidnapped by drow and Fester tried to find her. After spending ages in the woods following traces only he could see he had to find out that she had not been kidnapped. She had left by free will with the drow. When Fester found the two she started to beg him to take her back but having been worried about her for so long and finding her with somebody else and not even willing to stand to her desicion made him so angry that he lost his selfcontroll. It wasn't hate what he felt. He despised her. The drow wasn't an opponent for him. Fester fought him down quickly. There was no reason to let the man suffer. But her he wanted to see in pain.
Feast III
Of course he had known about the castle and he told her that he would let her rest there. If he would have been completly honst he would have added the word final but there was no more reason for him to be honest to her. She was scared, there were rumors about the castle. It was said that it would influence the beings inside of it. But she knew that she had made a mistake so she did not want to doubt his desicions and followed him. Maybe it was the castle, maybe his rage which made him torture her on the most horrible ways. As he always took care only to hurt her in a way which would be really painful and not kill her the torture took weeks. And he changed in this time. His pointy ears became like the ears of humans and he grew antlers while his eyes turned red. Fester did not only torture her he also cut into his own skin but his scars healed imediatly, which made him more angry. He hated to fail in expressing how much she had hurt his heart. Not careing if he would stay alive he used his knife to open his chest and to cut his heart out. A smirk was resting on his lips while he forced her to eat it. After this moment he had been completly turned. A black heart grew inside of his chst and finally he killed her. It wasn't a death by mercy he had become bored of her and lusted for a new victim.
The owner of Miamai and A:S:S are friends so its not surprising that their items fit well together. For example this coat for men from the Miamai Blacklabel with the feastring from A:S:S deluxe. The coat comes with sculpted sleeves, a great collar and shoulderpads which look like having been made of elegantly formed stones decorated with gems. The set includes pants and also a band to wear around the hips and lower stomach. The coat could either be worn with plain black or with white black fur in the inside. The feast ring from A:S:S deluxe could be described best with "the beauty of decay". It is big and extravagant and as beautiful it is there are maggots on it. The ring has a resizescript which makes it very comfy to adjust it perfectly. The antlers come from material squirell they have the option to tint them in several colours. They are made of nonrigged mesh which explains why they look so smooth. The skin is the angelus skin from Fallen Gods Inc. which also works for pale more evil roleplay characters and the hair comes from Wasabi Pills and is also made of mesh. The boots from DragansVarg are for females but they are mod so it was possible to make them bigger to use them with a male avatar.

Skin: ANGELICUS Raphael +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Corruption (990 L$ one makeup 2200 L$ four makeup and 5600 L$ Fatpack with 12 skins)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Nicole Mesh Hair (250 L$ colourpack 1500 L$ Fatpack)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry DragonEyes_FieryVision (65 Linden)
Ring: A:S:S deLuxe - Feast ring (138 L$)
Antlers: Hartley Antlers by Material Squirrel (150 L$)
Coat, Trousers, Waisteband: Miamai_[BlackLabel]_Lulu (600 L$)LinkBoots: DragansVarg : *imrae* boots (490 L$)

The pictures have been taken at No Salvation.

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