Friday, February 17, 2012

In Flames

The fire felt warm in her hand. It was nearly comfy well for her other might have allready started to scream while trying to get rid of the burning flames. Not her. It had been the right thing to spend months in the company of books. First she had to use a lighter to let the flames run over her fingers. There was still a healing scar from one of her first attempts. But then she had found the right book and learned to master the flames. Of course some of her jewelry was helpful. The skull of the raven gave her enough air to keep the fire alive and the bones which had been used for her collar helped her to collect the heat she needed. They had dried in the hot winds of a dessert for years. Nobody really know what they once had been but she did not care anyways. They were power and power was what she wanted.
Fire in the Library II
The festival of sin will start at saturday. Its a event dedicated to the 7 sins. All store owners created items which fit to this theme. The Medusa Necklace from the deluxe brand of A:S:S is one of those items. Its made of many bonelike parts and pearls with some jewels in front. There is a hud included which allows to choose between four colours of the jewels. The hud also helps to resize the collar. The headdress and the pants belong both to the blacklabel part of Miamai. The pants are sculpted and look great with all the lace and the pearls. The headdress is made of a skull with some feathers and flowers. It creates a elegant but as its a skull also dark look. I haven't bought any eyes since Sterling Artistry released the dragon eyes. On the picture they are used in Indigofrost. The have very big reptilian pupils and are available in 12 colours. The claws from Amorous can be turned on and off. It is also possible just to wear the wristlet part of them. They do not only look good they are also great for roleplay. Its the same with the Pipe from Rozoregalia. It comes in a set of several versions of it. Each of them contains eight poses so its a great looking photoprop which can be also used as accessory. The hair on the picture is the first mesh hair from Magika. Its very long so its name fits very well to it - its called Length. The fire on the picture has been created by using the Fuego hud from Kat-ar. Its a hud for CCS, the comunity combat system which is being used in many roleplay sims. The hud offers several ranged weapons, a shield and for melee fight it has the option to fight with burning fists. To be able to use the effects the hud needs mana, it can be recharged with the normal mana but also has own mana which is gained while wearing the hud - until a maximum of mana is reached. Im personally not into fighting, but as being attacked now and then by new players I bought the hud as it fits to my roleplaycharacter and the effects look great.

Headdress: Miamai_Memento Night fascinator (300 L$)
Hair: Magika Length (250 L$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry : sa_DragonEyes_IndigoFrost (65 L$)
Necklace: A:S:S deLuxe - Medusea (dark) (190 L$ not out yet will be sold first at the festival of sin)
Tattoo:::::HORI-MUTO ::::KURIKARA-MONMON (850 Linden)
Claws: : Amorous : Lacerated (299 L$)
Trousers: MIAMAI_[BL]_ChodCollection_Dakini Black (500 L$)
Pasties: !dM deviousMind: "MmeChatouille" *WHITE* (750 L$)
Fire:*Kat-AR* Magick - Fuego (1800 L$)

The pose on the picture is one of the +ROZOREGALIA+*BOUHACHI*PIPE ones. The picture has been taken in the Bitemore Hotel in Lost Beach.

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