Saturday, February 18, 2012

[looking hot through the dekades]

[looking hot through the dekades]

It's already been a while again since [dekade] returned to Second Life, but in my opinion it's never too late to show a sexy, new skin. That's right, fresh meat for you, boys! Anderson comes in light and dark flesh tones with matching brow colours and two different styles of eyebrows - a well-tended and a more bushy variant to choose from. Each pack contains a skin with hair base and without, and body hair is included on a tattoo-layer, as well as fitting genitals. You can also purchase different beard styles for each skin! In case you're stopping by at the store, which I highly recommend, make sure to grab the free skin that's so generously been offered there, one for the ladies and one for the gents. And now - have a non-offensive Saturday! :P

Hair: RAW HOUSE :: Trilby
Skin: [dekade] - MEN Skins -Anderson- light
Eyes: Mayfly - Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Tropical Blue)
Beard: [dekade] - MEN/ Facial Hair 01 /Light/Wolf

Jacket: Armidi - Classic Pinstripe Blazer [Navy]
Pants: {Gisaci} - Ruvido Slacks - Mezzanotte
Shirt: Schadenfreude - Ivory Oxford Shirt

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