Friday, February 3, 2012

Mardi Gras


You might well look at this picture and think that I'm facing the wrong way and the light should be coming from the other direction, well you'd be wrong the picture is saying something more, possibly? there's got to be a degree of irony here or maybe I just wanted to use a dramtic pose and this one fits the bill? hehe anyway the fashion! it's a Mardi Gras theme that's going on at the Flux event this month and whether you celebrate Mardi Gras as a religious event or you just like to take part in some good old carnival spirit I'm sure you won't be disappointed with 22769's offering. The outfit comes with a prim skirt attachment if you want more of a gown look and matches perfectly with the boots that 22769 have as a gift for the womenstuff hunt.

The shape and skin is currently available at XYROOM and has 2 make up options and various cleavage options. 99L for a shape AND skins? unbelievable!

More details of the Flux events can be found HERE
More details of the Womenstuff hunt can be found HERE
More details of Xyroom and other events are always comprehensively blogged at Seraphim

Hair: 150L - work out - Black > Pink lip gloss
Skin & shape: 99L - Aluka by ::[annaA]:: @ > XYROOM
Outfit: 120L - Mardi Gras outfit by 22769 @ > Flux
Collar: Former event item not available, similar items can be found here > Morantique/Lush
Boots: 0L - Womenstuff hunt item > 22769

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  1. awww thank you so much faunafluff - i so do love the picture you did. it is beyond awesomness <3