Friday, February 3, 2012

[dawn's highway to sin]

I saw a ghost on the highway
bleeding on the road
he said an empty heart is always

Time to let it go
and time for you to grow old

[dawn's highway]
The Festival of Sin is approaching with huge steps (February 18th - March 3rd), so I thought blogging a teeny tiny preview of one of A:S:S deLuxe's exclusive items to make your mouths water would be a nice idea. Vain to the Bone is the name of this rather unusual facial attachment - various precious gems, which are scripted to change colour, frame the exposed half of a head where one can see the both tattooed and pierced skull underneath. The eye socket is carrying a diamond-cut gem which is colour-changeable as well (choose between the shades crimson, dark purple and black).

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Adam
Hair: RAW HOUSE :: - Willow
Eyes: ::UH:: - GS eye (Aquamarine)

Facial attachment: A:S:S deLuxe - Vain to the Bone (for Festival of Sin)
Facial tattoo: KOSH - TOO MUCH STRESS (part of - .HoD. - Mess Of Metal)
All blood: REPULSE
Pants: *Muism* - Leather Trouser/Pure white

Lyrics: The 69 Eyes - Dawn's Highway

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