Sunday, February 5, 2012

Puss in boots

I only put the title for this blog post 'puss in boots' for the very fact that I'm certain that any image of the 'Puss' in any version of the story varies to some degree apart from the boots! I'm convinced of it he wears these boots in every picture and maybe that's why I like them so much, that's all nothing more. Well they're from Baby monkey and come in a variety of colours and look pretty splendid with my freebie nordic style wooly socks from NoaR, which by the way have a freebie blue version too. Following my freebie quest I picked up this delightful sweater which is the current group gift at NuDoLu, other freebie thingies listed below.

Hair: 0L - Dressed hair > Redlic
Skin: 0L -  Group gift - Larisa winter dream  > Natural beauty
Top: 0L - Group gift > NuDoLu
Jeans: 0L - Part of an outfit  > Prism
Boots: 200L -   Swann Boots - Red > Baby Monkey
Socks: 0L - NoaR FI socks - red > NoaR

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