Thursday, February 9, 2012


Skins! I'm a skin junkie and so what I love about skins is how a great one can really compliment your shape and vice versa. It's fundamental to getting your look right and I know how difficult it is combining the two.

In this post I'm trying out skins from Twilythula and I have to say I'm impressed! This particular trio of skins if from the Bloom series and you have to call it a series as there are so many options to choose from which I applaud! There are 5 different skin tones to choose from ranging from Vanilla, the very palest through to Mocha (shown far right) the very darkest and within each skin tone set there are 8 make up options.

 Once you have chosen the right skin tone for you, you can either purchase the whole 8 make up options options as a fatpack at 1000L or an individual one at 200L, but please do note that each individual skin pack (200L) has freckle and cleavage choices making it even easier to perfect your desired look. There are demo's available so I strongly recommend that you go have a play!

Left: 200L - Cream - Midnight (with freckle option)   )
Middle: 200L - Caramel - Dune                                  ) > Twilythula
Right: 200L - Mocha - Mountain                                )

Eyes: 199L - Aquilius eye collection 1 - Rebel >Aphotic Gloom
Hair: 120L - Ballet hair - Intense black > Pomme d'Amour

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