Sunday, February 26, 2012

Roll on pay day!

It's a bargain find blog post that's what! I blummin well love all these things and need say no more on the subject... other than i'm skint, it's payday next week but hey look at these super finds! though I'd better just mention the shoes, they were a free gift at the SGB anniversary festa by Roly Poly and were available when I put the outfit together, however when I went back to grab the slurl today they seem to have been removed & I checked all the Roly Poly stores but couldn't find any, sorry folks - hate it when that happens :(

Hair: 280L -  wm0003 - brown > Boon
Skin: 0L -  Nell > Mother Goose's
Dress: 0L - Luckyboard item > Yome shoujo
Socks: 0L -  watabi green > Muu workshop

1 comment:

  1. This dress is so damn cute. I love that look. You always find so great things.