Friday, March 2, 2012


If a human would have had the chance to watch it, he would have maybe seen it move. But no human ever made it into its realm. Most likely it did not even know that humans existed. Some time ago it had heard about trees and even more time ago it had heard about stones. It liked the idea of both. And after it had thought long enough about it a tree and a stone had appeared. The stone was comfy. Not that it had a decent idea about the meaning of comfy it more liked to sit on the stone. From time to time the lights on its wings glowed a bit brighter then they faded again.
Waiting one II
Then it knew that its time was a bit closer. Every dying light was a dying god. When the last one would have died it would have to create new ones. But at the moment it was enough to be the creator of a tree and a stone.
Waiting one I

The poseprop with the tree and the stone is the festival of sin item from Studio Sidhe. Its inspired by Samuel Beckett's Waiting for Godot. The prop contains two poses. With its pure design its great for very graphical picturs. Kinzart is one of the most important stores when it comes to furry avatars. So its amazing that they take part in the current round of the twisted hunt which started yesterday. Their huntgift are six dragon avatars. Each of them comes in a male and a female version. The colours are limited and only available in the hunt. Its one of the rare chances to get an avatar from that store for free. Of course the quality is amazing. The shading is well done and the design just beautiful. Some parts of the dragon are made of nonrigged mesh. This might be also a great opportunity for creators of clothing as its possible to check with such an avatar if your clothes also work on furry avatars.
The dragons

Avatars: Kinzart Kreetures : riftdragon (0 L$ Twisted Hunt there are 6 available)
Poseprop: :+:Sudio Sidhe:+: ...And We're Waiting... - 2 scene pose prop (50 L$ sold at the Festival of Sin)
Poses on the picture with all the avatars: Purple Poses (10 L$ each)


  1. WOW those are gorgeous. Thank you for posting! And the cool illustrated story. This is one prize I will search for days for, if necessary - normally I give Twisted a wide berth as it just frustrates me and the prizes aren't usually all that great, in comparison to the effort. But this is well worth hunting for, and if they do a gold one in my price range, I will be buying it }:=8)

  2. A great story, short yet profound, accompanied by some wonderful black-and-white pictures... and, of course, the dragon avies are a must-have! :)