Friday, May 18, 2012

"Further along the Path" at LEA2 - Free of Words

Words… spoken in various languages, reaching out like feelers, looking for another fellow human to touch, to establish contact with. Words… reaching out like tentacles, wrapped around fellow humans, slowly suffocating them. Words… but did she need words so desperately in order to relate? She was slowly moving her fingers now, observing them, discovering the message they were sending out… and her eyes, her face, each and every muscle in her body was talking by now, chattering without speaking, the new kind of message softly filtrating through apparently solid boundaries. She was free of words… and she was smiling. She was free. Irrevocably free.
Free of Words
Today, Friday May 18th at 1 PM SLT a new art installation, “Further along the Path”, will open to the public at LEA2. The organiser and originator of the project is a household name in the world of SL art, Bryn Oh. In order to know more about the participating artists and the concept, please read her blog entry here:

Elif Ayiter aka Alpha Auer, the “chief” of Alpha Tribe, is one of the contributing artists. She offers the magnificent “Asemic” avatar as a free gift... and whoever has ever owned or even seen an Alpha Tribe avie in SL will certainly rush to LEA2. Visit “Further along the Path”, allow yourself to be involved... listen, watch, think, enjoy.

Avatar: Alpha Tribe "Asemic" in male and female versions - a free gift at LEA2.
Pose: No Strings Attached "Fred Astaire" - not available any more. 

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