Sunday, May 27, 2012

In a painting

Turning around she had to recognize that she was missing most of her shadow. The world was surreal like it was only held together by a few strokes of a brush. Niamath knew what it meant. She had not secured her mind when going to sleep. For some moments she was shocked. Everybody could make mistakes but not her. The pace of her heart started to become faster at least she thats what she thought she was feeling but being caught in a painting meant that she had no controll over her body. Niamath was not able not to appreciate the style of the artist who caught her. The elegance of the style was impressive. But this was the wrong time to admire art. The war of painters was going on now for months. Many had been killed about questions of light, details and even not managing to agree about how to hold a brush could cause a slaughtering. The most effective was was to catch the oponent in a picture and then to simply let their body starve while the mind was not able to escape. Some had become insane in pictures and had been released or had managed to find a way out. But they were not a big help in developing strategies about how to escape out of a picture. As pretty the picture was she knew that it would make her insane having to see it for longer than a day and if that wouldn t happen her body would die within the next four days. It was hard to fight the urge to cry but now knowing how connected her body was still to her mind she didn't want to loose any liquid.  When her hand moved up to her head in the urgent need to stroke over her forehead to keep herself calm she felt the feathers of the collar of her shirt. One moment she recognized that she was standing in a lake of ink. The feeling of hope started to grow in her chest but she knew that she would need something to paint on.
The marks never disappeared from her skin. But they were what most people wanted to see when they met Niamath for the first time. Especially the door on her arm fascinated people. It was what they called the opening to peace. She was the first one who had managed to paint herself out of a picture. Knowing this people started to carry a pencil some colours and - if they did not want to be marked  -  some paper into their dreams and they were always able to escape.
In a painting The third zombie popcorn brand wave started and Wasabi Pills made a most lovely mesh hair for it. Its a pony tail with some nice braids on the front of the head. The hair fits to many different looks from playful to elegant. The blue top and the pants come from miamai. The pants have been released at Culture Shock which ends today but are also avialable in the Miamai store now. Being made of mesh there are the five standart sizes included in the set as well as an alphalayer. The pants have the typical sophisticated and elegant maimai style. They are available in various colours and prints. The ones in black like on the picture are great to combine them with more colourful clothes as they fit to nearly everything. The top and collar originally belong to the Loue dress in springblue. But they go very well also just as top. On the picture they are worn together with the pants of the dress. The collar is mod. This dress is only available on the marketplace.
The leather belt has been used to give the whole outfit an edge. It comes from bitch, which is a clothing store for mesh items for women by the rustica owner Maxwell Graf. As it is not rigged it is possible to resize the belt.
The poses come from Purple Poses. They belong to the Alexia set which is also only available at the Zombie Popcorn Brand event at the moment.
In a painting III The pictures have been taken at a sim named China. It looks like being in a traditional japanese/chinese painting. Its a stunning sim and worth a visit.

Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Anais Mesh Hair  (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)
Top: Miamai_Loue SpringSky (200 L$ only available on the Marketplace)
Belt:bitch - studded mesh belt Leather/Rusty (I fear the belts are not released yet)
Pants: Miamai_Mahvi Pants Black (420 L$)
Poses: Purple Poses ALEXIA (100 L$ for 10 poses sold at Zombiepopcorn brand)

Location: China

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