Thursday, May 31, 2012

Psycho Circus

Roll up! Roll up! 

                           The tattered poster declared...

The Psycho Circus is in town!

Come see the Man who ate his own Foot, the Bearded Lady, and of course... the highlight of our show, you've heard about em, you've read about them, now you can see them in the flesh, and tremble under their gaze... it's The Three!

The small town folk may well have heard about them, notorious as they are. They had made headlines, evaded convictions, escaped the gallows.. and ended up here.

Circus 1

Alyssa, the eldest of The Three, had charm and grace. Her skills lay in flexibility of body and mind, she ensnared the weak with a glance, and bent the most steadfast to her will with a smile. Accused, and found miraculously innocent of several high value confidence tricks, none of the millions that had been 'lost' had ever been found. Rumour has it that she keeps the keys to several safety deposit boxes tucked inside her boots. Don't step too close as you watch her bend and flex before you on the balance balls, that glint in her eye will do you no good...

Circus 2

Bella, the second of The Three, stalked the shadows at the edges of the day, and came into her own as night fell. Her skills lay in dexterity and stealth, she could pick a pocket, and lift your wristwatch with ease. In the darkest of nights, it was rumoured that she could blend into any crowd unseen. When her luck did not hold, and the cold metal of handcuffs graced her delicate wrists, as with her elder sister, she evaded the noose by means fair or foul. Come a little closer, watch her spin on the hanging hoop, but mind your valuables are still with you if you leave...

circus 3 Celeste, the youngest of The Three, had the air of innocence and sweetness. Her skills lay in beguiling and insinuating herself into the psyche of her victims. She could break your heart with a single tear, and wrench it out just as easily with cruel fingers. The bloodiest of The Three, her freedom may surprise you, warrants and dark suited agents follow in her wake, each trying, unsuccessfully thus far, to connect her to her crimes. Enjoy her skills as she twists and balances on the chair, should you see her again, beware...

This is the [Virtual Props] Psycho Circus Photography Prop; it costs L$900, and the permissions are COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.. There is no notecard associated with this product, just rez and pose! It has 30 Unique poses in 3 pose sets, adjustable with memory for up to 100 avatars, photographer controlled and can be placed into any photo studio prop rezzer. 42 Prims. 
On another note, it's my favourite sim to TP people to, something about sending a TP with the message "Join me in Endless Death" just makes me smile. 
There is a group you can join, signup cost 500L. For that, you get all the poses pictured on the walls as free group gifts (they are many and varied). When wearing the tag, you get money back from purchases in the store, and the store owner from time to time has amazing half price sales for members not to mention chances to buy new props and poses for a limited time on release at lower prices!

Skin :  Plastik  :[P]:-Aleria://Nightbringer's  Breath://Pale Horse (old hunt gift)
Hair : ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee Roots/Mystic
Eyes : REPULSE - Living Dead Eyes (Dilated)
Outfit : The Sea Hole - Nicosia Sun Suit - Persimmon
Boots : .:L&B:. "Elise" Ankle & Knee Boot Sets:PATENT BL :UPDATE 2012

Skin : *Epic Skins* Dark Elfin Singles {Darkest Moon} [Glo] Cleavage
Hair : ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee/RavenNight
Outfit : DeeTaleZ dresses wraped dress red (colour modded darker)
Pasties : [Plastik]-Bandaids-F-S-Betty

Skin :  : S u g a r : Cry My Heart Out -C- :3:  (store is on depraved nation sim)
Hair :  ^;^CaTwA^;^ Amylee Roots/Teal
Outfit : [Plastik]-Strapped-Frozen

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