Sunday, June 3, 2012


The circles it hooves had caused in the water were calm again. The Equylon had been standing calm in the water for a long time. It was pondering. There was an apple it really wanted. Not for itself. Of course the apple looked so tasty but the Equylon was kind and helpful and wanted to make a gift. Dreaming Equylon The Nectublooms looked like they would start to bloom soon and had appeared everywhere in Booshtopia - something which happened every year. Most booshies were waiting happily for this moment. Especially the Beefluza Booshies. They would feed from the nectar of those wonderful flowers. Happy Ibstomp But the Equylon knew that those flowers didn't produce the nectar by themself. There was that little goddess who lived in the forest - Flori - she always seemed to take care that there was enough food for those beings who lived in the forest of boosh. Sometimes she even seemed to help that the rest of the land was in bloom but her home was always the forest. The Equylon hoped to find a way to get the apple. It hoped that Flori would like the gift. in menchys gardenBreedables were never something which interested me. But the Fantasy Faire and the Breedables Fair the Booshies caught my interest. Those cute pets do not only come in a great variation of sorts, it will also be possible to go on adventures with them as soon as they get released.
At the moment it is allready possible to visit Booshtopia and to see some of the booshies walk around. Beside this there are many of them available as avatars. For example the ones on the first and the second picture (the green Urpy and the blue Girecko are booshies who tend the garden on the 3rd picture). But there are more available for example even one which reminds on a flying cat.
It is amazing how different and cute all of them look.
There is actually an event about the Nectubloom Flowers in Booshtopia which will start tomorrow. For more informations there is a page on the booshies website: Nectubloom event.

Booshies: Booshitar: Equylon (250 L$)
Booshies: Booshitar: Ibstomp (250 L$)
Booshies: Booshitar: Bonkle (250 L$)

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