Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I want to ride my...

Eloise had been out riding all day, through the fields and down the rutted tracks, her blue bike could handle the terrain. it had been a long, hot day, and she had enjoyed the time with her friends in the countryside. Stopping by the river, upstream, well before the pollution of the town hit, they had waded in the cool green water under the shade of the trees. Spreading out the blanket they had shared a picnic amongst the flowers that bloomed wild in the meadow, a playful reminder of childhood days gone by, the plastic cups of sparkling wine a cheerful nod to their adult state. As the sun passed through the sky, and started its descent it was time to head back to town, after all, she had a date. Emerging from her rented rooms, showered and fresh, still smelling of sun and daisies she was dressed to meet Jacques, brushing some tangled grass from the gears, she was ready.
 Snapshot_308 They had meet one hot day, a few weeks before, when Eloise had stumbled with some friends into the quiet cafe, their loud laughter and chatter fading in the sombre atmosphere. The cafe was, after all, a refuge for the great and the good of the town from the heat of offices and courtrooms. Retreating to one of the tables outside, shaded by the large parasols, yet with no protection from the noise and bustle of the street, the tables were less popular, and much more suitable. Jacques had noticed her straight away, not the loudest, or the most confident ordering, her sweet smile and clear laugh captured his heart. Risking the ire of the strict manager, as he cleared their table, he slipped a scrap of paper on which he had written his number into her hand along with the receipt. That same evening, they met and rode out for the first time. Bikes1 Now each evening, they kept this rendez-vous. Of course, they didn't just ride. The bike was quiet, and could get past the guards in the factory district. Away from the streets and cafes, often busy long into the summer nights, they headed where they wanted. Following the music from illicit parties, or just the flight of a bird, they were free of care and concerns. Stopping often, not tied by the roads, they shared kisses and promises, and would remain forever, even if only that summer, Jacques & Eloise. Bike2 

This is the [Virtual Props] Freestyle Photography Pose Prop; it costs L$800, and the permissions are COPY, MOD, NO TRANS.. There is no notecard associated with this product, just rez and pose!
It has 12 Unique single poses, 5 couples poses, adjustable with memory for up to 100 avatars, photographer controlled and can be placed into any photo studio prop rezzer. 77 color choices. 15 Prims.

Skin :  S u g a r :  -C- :2: Breeze {Sheer Twilight} (I believe this came from the SYS event for May)
Hair :  [Shag] - Love Is A Battlefield  - Dirty Blonde
Top :  *Fishy Strawberry* Denim Dress Wash B (Dress upper layer worn as a top)
Skirt : (r)M~BabyDoll Skirt (No.07)
Leggings: DeeTaleZ Tights half net black leather leggings
Boots : MIEL FAR BOOTS - solid -

Hair :  **Dura-Boys&Girls**15(Black)resize
Eyeliner : Flirt - Guy Liner 1
Shirt : +REDRUM+ Seahorse T-Shirt
Jeans : :FORM: Tilt Dark Jeans
(Sadly can't seem to find the store existing now. These are rather old)
HOC - Bolts Sneakers - Male


  1. Thats a badass bike I like it. And the amount of poses and its abilities sound great.
    The pictures of this entry were sweet as always <3

  2. Great blogpost! I love the perspective on the shots too <3