Sunday, May 6, 2012

Starry Button Eyes

It was just a plushie toy, and a homemade one at that. The mother of Him had sewn it out of an ancient lime green towel. She hadn’t ever been very experienced at needlework, so “Flufee”, as He called it a minute after He was given this modest birthday gift, came to be a bit lopsided, with buttons for eyes and some awkward stitches holding its rag body together. Yet, adoration was mutual and instant. He loved Flufee, and Flufee loved Him... so much that Flufee could forgive Him even when He dressed it up in an equally ancient pink babygro. They did everything together at daytime and they slept together at night... and in their shared dreams they both were alive, two lime green plushie toys, laughingly jumping from star to star.
Well… this is your blogger post Fantasy Faire 2012, still wearing virtual pyjamas after a week’s rest, and still a bit among the stars. We had the most amazing ten days that raised 25,080 USD for cancer research, but Fantasy Faire 2012 proved to be truly special not only for that. It was people, people and again people who created real magic... the omnipresent organisers (humans and dragons :)) who managed on a few hours’ sleep and buckets of coffee, and made everything roll smoothly. The designers who outdid themselves and offered splendid creations on eight breathtaking sims ... and the visitors who could experience the surreal yet very real feeling of belonging to a community in a virtual world. I had met people before who – due to a severely debilitating illness, the consequences of an accident or just because of the rigid rules of their RL community – felt that their lives truly opened up and gained a new perspective when they logged in SL. At the Faire I could see how cancer patients, survivors and family members were willing to share their very personal experiences, how people were ready to listen, and how this dialogue made both parties truly richer... in a way that you can’t measure by Linden Dollars.

Thank you for all this... and meet you next year, everybody, all right? :)

Avatar: Dirty Lynx "Flufee Star" full mesh avatar - 149 L$ on the Marketplace. 
Pose: Poise "Singin' in the Rain" - Pose Fair 2012 freebie (0 L$). 
The picture was made at Sea Mizin, LEA27

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