Sunday, May 6, 2012


The night was like all nights before. Calm, nearly no wind. With her highly sensitive sensors X-II-218 was able to hear the singing of some strange cults which prayed to machine gods. If she hadn't been forced to wear the collar X-II-218 easily could have been one of those gods. But she was controlled by humans. Her state wouldn't change for the next 20 years at least then she would be free to explore what ever she wanted. It was a deal every artificial intellegence had to make with those who created them. All of them were property at least for 50 years. The first ones had been owned all the time but as soon some humans realized that those beings were machines but with consciousness they wanted to liberate them. So now all artificial intellegences were asked a moment after they had been turned on if they would like to be shut off again or if they aggreed to work until the coasts for their creation would be repayed. X-II-218 worked as undercover cop. At the moment she looked like one of the beings who normaly lived on a planet with the name Terra-Sol-00BFFF. There had been rumors that those would sell drugs to humans. It wasn't interesting for her but maybe those strange machine sects might be useful soon.Collared alien Some time ago Adam and Eve released a wonderful line of fantasy skins called Amaris. They are available in several colours. The blue one used for the pictures is great to use it as base for a water or as in this case for a robot like avatar. As all Adam and Eve skins the set includes makeups, nailpolish and more.The darkblue lipstick for example belongs to the set itself. Amaris is one of those skins which work with many shapes so I took the pictures using my own shape and really like the result.
The hair is the Teeloh  hair by Wasabi Pills in aquatic. The texture of the hairbase which comes with it is great. It makes one imagine how it might feel under the fingers.
The clothes come from a store called Apricot Paws. Its one of those small stores with great clothes. Those silks are very versatile so its possible to wear them in several ways. They even go well in combination with the cyberishs boots and accessory made by Ezura Xue (eX). Apricot Paws also sells mesh sweater which are definitly worth a look. The silks themself come on several layers and can be worn without the loincloth. For the pictures I copied the loincloth prim and attached it also on the backside.
Collared alien II

Skin: Adam n Eve Amaris Fantasy Blue (1000 L$)
Clothes: Apricot Paws - Ribbon Silks - White (150 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Teeloh  Mesh Hair - (1500 L$ for fatpack 250 L$ colourpack)
Attachments: + ezura + Acha Cyber Latex Bodysuit *White Set (488 L$)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Silver (388 L$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry DragonEyes (60 L$)

Pose: Miamai
The picture has been taken in Insilico

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