Friday, June 29, 2012

Fighting, tea and innocence

The attacks were so regularly lately. Maybe the idea to attack the castle of the Hiro-Mi-Tego Family had not been the idea but it had been successful and success was what counted. Besides decent behaviour, sharp swords and perfect tea of course. Tamini once hat a choice this time was over. She would spend her whole life with fighting, gambling and seducing innocent men. At the moment her days were mainly filled with fighting, which was not bad as she had lost a lot of money during fighting and there were also no innocent men left anymore. At least there was the comfort of knowing that she was good in what she did and it was her choice. Born in a rich family she would not have needed to become a fighter at all. She also could have choosen to learn to play an instrument and when being in the right age-  if not being killed or kidnapped before - how to marry the right person. This was her parents dreamed of. Her brothers did not like the idea of loosing parts of their legacy as their sisters' dower so they started to talk a lot about swords and fighting in front of her.  Fighting Chimera Tamini was first a bit confused about all the talk. But soon she realized that why they were trying to get her into fighting. The satisfied grin in their faces when she asked them to show her how to use a Katana - oh it was annoying for her to see - but she pretended to be dumb and just so currious about fighting. Her brothers were surprised how good she was as pupil. But then there was this accident in which she somehow thought she would be using a training katana while she was definitly not. The face of her brother was not full of surprise more shocked in this moment. It was anyways the last time she saw him. Her other brothers all died in other accidents but she never was close when they happened. Or more nobody managed to see her. If they didn't want to share with her she also didn't want to share with them. Of course she didn't plan to marry it was way more fun to be unbound. White marksMesser Company's latest release is the K98 Katana. It is made of mesh and offers a bunch of adjustment possiblities. First of all it can run with linden damage or ccs damage. Besides of this there are two sets of animations included for standing, running and walking. As other Messer weapsons there are several colour and texture options included. And there is even the choice to choose between a straight and a curved blade. The look is modern while the asian feeling is still kept. For ccs players it might be interesting to know that the katana includes four enhancements which rage from stamina stealing to racial theft. For those who like fighting in SL it is a great weapon others might enjoy it for its look.
The white makeups from PMD which are currently sold at the Zombie Popcorn Brand event are great for those who like making bright avatars. The set includes 8 of them.
MiuMin takes of course part in the current round of the Gallery Giftshop. Their item is a white kimono with angel wings. It floats nicely and lets the legs partly uncovered. It is a great outfit for roleplay. The set also includes shoes and is available in a non copy and a none trans version. The legwarmers are a favourite from Epic and the ears  from europa. Unfortunatly the posestore which made the poses does not exist anymore.

Katana: Messer Co. K98 - Katana v1.0 (1200 L$)
Kimono:  *MiuMIn* Kimono-Angel [White] MC (180 L$ sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Makeup: Pin Me Down - Whites (125 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Brand)
Ears:  [europa] Sylven ears ivory (ethereal )(70 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/  Sybille2 Mesh Hair -  - (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack)
Legwarmers: *Epic* Barbs & Blood Slouchie Digi Warmers {Paw} (279 L$)


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