Monday, June 25, 2012

Bloody Mess...

She stalked through the darkness, each step less than a whisper, each movement fluid as silk in a stream. Her pace may once have been measured, a skill learned. All these centuries later, it had faded from any memory she cared to let flow through her mind, it was as natural as breathing, or in her case, pretending to when it suited her needs.

Bloody front As the night progressed, as victims fell to her charm, her touch, her kiss, their blood coated her skin. As she fed, her deathly chill palled. Her own flesh warmed by the blood of others, their lives keeping her going, feeding her wants and desires. Killing was far from her intention on most of these occasions, though those who put up a fight were more to her palate than any who would give it up willingly. No weakling could quench her thirst, receiving, as well as inflicting wounds was all part of the fun. As the edges of the sky began to lighten, her feast drew to a close. All creatures of the night turned to whatever they called home, keeping to the darkness through the blazing day.

Bloody rear
          A Little Mess!                                  Give Me More!                               Bloody Mess!

I love the darkness, no denying that. This is startlingly close to how you may find me in-world, where indeed I frequently wear these blood layers in RP. Here shown are the 3 Stages of Mess beginning with "A Little Mess" moving on to "Give Me More" and then the grand finale "Bloody Mess", created by a muse of mine, Mzzy Wytchwood, for her ✚REDRUM✚brand.
The blood comes in ALL LAYERS possible, including a tattoo layer, so you can wear the blood on your skin, under your clothes or on top of them, the choices are yours and endless. The real beauty of this for me is the way it can be worked into RP. Sure, often I walk into a scene already coated in the redstuff, at other times, during a fight, or a feed, it's amazing to be able to add to the action with increasing wounds and smears, making the whole scene truly immersive. Looking closely at the neck you can see bite wounds, making the set suitable for those who like to be bitten as well as to bite.
Pack includes face blood, not shown here.

Available in the  ✚REDRUM✚ Marketplace store here for a mere 139L

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