Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Lovin'... Depraved Style

Flique loved the summer. No more short days. No more long nights, shivering, nothing to do and nowhere to go in the chill of winter. The sun was out, the music was playing, Madonna's "Material Girl" and "True Blue" making the air quiver. The city's toes were all tapping, it was time to hit the streets. As she slipped on her retro cameo ring, and punk spiked cuff, she checked out her reflection in the mirror and posed. The perfect mix of sweetness and edge.

She heard the valves  being loosened on water hydrants, spraying cool water through the air, laughing voices, squealing with excitement added to the beat. Checking the blade in the strap on her thigh, Flique pulled on her high-tops and ran outside. Dancing along the road, she squeaked as a spray of water was sent her way by those playing in the sun, holding her blazer up high out of the way, she winked at them, turned to head off, all ready for the evening parties, she had to look good!
The day after dawned as bright and sunny as the one before... Flique's head hurt. The music and the pink champagne had carried her through the night, and back home, glimpses and flashes of memory, of the girls and the boys, all that sultry heat. Only one cure for this, she had to head to the beach. Slipping in to her cut off jean shorts, folding the turn-ups just so, she pulled the new top from her crammed wardrobe, its summer florals on black matching her mood, sunny, with darkness below. Throwing all she would need into her favourite bag, and slinging that over her shoulder, she took off for the beach. The salt air, and the sensation of warm sand between her toes made her feel alive. Soft strains of music wafted over the dunes, weaving between the palm trees, her favourite song. Time to go find who was playing it, and see if they had any sun lotion to share...

DSL 7 The Depraved Summer Love Hunt is on! To me, a lot of the items had a distinct 80's feel to them, which led to all the Madonna... These are some of my favourite items from the stores. As ever, each hunt item is free to buy, this time around there are 70 stores from the Depraved Nation taking part. The hunt runs until July 15th, so you have some time to get looking!
List of SLurls and info
Starting point @ Razorblade Jacket

Street Party Images
Skin:  :::Shiva:::fairy-love hunt.  
This is a really nice skin, looks very youthful, it has built in tan lines, as though from a skimpy bikini. It also has the word 'love' pale on one cheek, as you can just about see in the first image.
Eyes : *Birth* Hypnotic Eyes - Aztec_Velvet (normal_large)
Beautiful large iris in these eyes, tonally, they work well with this skin.
Dress : [AB] Abricot Dress.
Very pale flowers cover the dress, and the skirt flares out nicely, many layers of 'net' so moves fluidly. I had a script stack error on wearing it - but deleting the resizer script fixed that.
Blazer : :::LP::: Calypso Blazer
Mesh blazer, comes in 5 sizes, from XS to XL. 80's preppy edge. Went so well with the dress!
Shoes : ::Duh!:: My Gear High Tops Black
So 80's I'm getting flashbacks, though mine RL had luminous green piping. Love these.
Cuff : .::PiCHi::. STUDDED LOVE BRACELET  [salmon]
Punky and pretty - gift contains one for each arm.
Ring: ...:::Scrub:::... DP Cameo Ring
Pretty cat cameo, again gift contains one for right and left hand.
Leg strap : dl:: In Time Legband
Not wearing a blade feels wrong, with any oufit, so this works perfectly, and has a nice steampunky twist with little clock dials.

Beach Images
Eyes : REPULSE - Scabbed Eyes (Red Sclera)
Sounds gross, looks pretty. Perfect for a hung over or darker themed look.
Makeup : ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Red passion
Beautiful shading, perfect with the eyes.
Top : KIM-DSL Hunt  Top J.L Red Rose
Lovely cut, pretty patterned fabric, gift comes in four versions, with the roses in Red, Pink, Yellow or Blue.
Shorts: 22769 ~ [femme] hotpants peace
Cute and well shaped Mesh jean cut offs, gift contains sizes from XXS to L.
Nails : Adoness Princess Mia Nails - Pink
Long nails in pale pink, adorned with silvered embellishments.
Bag : : S u g a r : I'd <3 to Chat.  But I Really Mustache Bag [Mesh]
This, made me laugh. Actually laugh. I'm thinking of making one RL. Love it.

Hair used in pics is not from the hunt.
Street Party Hair : (r)M ~ Hair No.25 ~ Dark Cherry  (Brown Amber)
Beach Hair : (r)M ~ Hair No.25 ~ Blue Black  (Pink)
(The hummingbird was a happy co-incidence on the sim I was in!)

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