Tuesday, June 19, 2012


From way back when in 2007, I've always liked to look for the best freebies or at least reasonably priced things I could find. From trawling 'yard sales' and freebie warehouses in ye olden days, to the wonder of having more group slots, and from there, more options to link to favourite stores, and their often generous owners gifts. Now, I have my favourite stores groups - sadly 42 slots still aint enough - and as previous posts have shown, I do love a hunt to get new things! A friend had been a member of the Menstuff group for a long while, doing their hunt, and getting things from their 'lounge' of gifts. I actually have pics of him ready for a different post, and after contemplating adding them in here, I won't, it can wait a few days. I digress. After seeing what he'd got, I was convinced to join the Womenstuff group, and see what I could get for myself.  The group is free to join, I was expecting a charge, but there is none. The Lounge of gifts is for group members only, and there are lots, I mean LOTS of gifts. If I remember rightly the grid of gift boxes is 13 x 13, and most slots contain a gift. Everything from hair, skin, shapes to clothes, shoes and jewelery.
Rather than bombard with a mass of items, today I'll focus on three skins, a shape, tattoo and shoes. Oh, and a pose. Still a bit of a mass I agree...


From left to right, we have  ::Modish:: Windy Goth Fair, The Skin You're In Dena Almond Honey 25 Rose Body 3 and ::EM::Vicky Bronze Pink JB. 
Shape is *Ultra Shape* - Gift for female 02
Tattoo is .+*+. Kamiri .+*+. Vines Flower Tattoo.
The pose is Pics n Poses-F-Toe-15-. 
The shoes are .::Energie::.  Sneaker  heels White.

skinz faces

When looking at skins, there are a few places I focus on to see the quality, to decide if it's something I would want to wear. Face is a given of course, I also look for shading and muscletone on the body, and importantly, the quality of the nails. While I often wear prim nails, sometimes it's not possible, especially with the loss of multi attach points on some viewers. When I can't wear them, and I'm already wearing a glove layer and tattoo for other effects, I'd rather not have ugly white tips on the ends of my fingers. All these skins are really excellent for that, some of the best quality texture of nails I've seen actually, which is amazing considering they are free.

The link to the Womenstuff website is included below, and you can find the group to join from there, or in-world. It is a notice heavy group, with news from stores affiliated to the group about sales, discounted items, special gifts etc coming several times per day.

Included in pics, but not from Womenstuff:
Closeup pose : From the Glitterati Headshots range of poses.
Hair : Maitreya Piper II - Crayon
Pasties : *League* Duct Tape

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