Monday, June 18, 2012

Dance with demons

The club was the most popular one in the town. People came from all over the country just to have a look at it. Of course most of them had no chance to get past the doorman. Often there was somebody screaming in anger and this was one of the reasons for the existance of the club. Humans were so entertaining when they were angry. And eventhe recation of those who were allowed to go into the club were delicious. The club had been founded by Sabitha. Some called her the queen of the night. Her crown was famous and rumors that it wouldn't be a crown but horns triggered even more interest. She herself mainly loved pink and the feeling of souls falling around her.
Pink demon
The Inferno Horns from Wasabi Pills are available for a long time. But its rare to see them in other colours than the dark tones. There are actually 12 textures to choose with the help of a script inbuilt into the horns. A nice addition is the possibility to choose how much grey should be added. The texture used for the horns on the picture is the neon pink one. The unrigged mesh hair also comes from Wasabi Pills. The version on the picture has only been available for a limited time but it is of course still available in the normal Wasabi Pills colours. The whole outfit is kept in pink. The dress with the jacket are made of mesh and come from 22769. It is available in the standart sizes. The textures used are very pretty especially the ones on the jacket make one imagine how the fabric would feel in reality. The combination of the jacket and the dress cause that the outfit looks elegant although the dress is pretty short.  It could go well at an elegant party or at an evening at the beach. There are also other colours available. Currently the outfits are sold at the ArisAris Summer Fashion Festival. The pink clutch is also an item from 22769 but not available in this colour anymore.
A demon would be nothing without some claws and the ones from ni.ju are not only available in several colours it is also possible to tint the colours of the nails. To go with the outfit the ones on the picture are the white ones with nails tinted in pink.
Ingenue does not only create wonderful dresses, their shoes are always worth a try. And of course this outfit needed classy shoes in a fitting colour. The Gatsby Heels in fushcia are the perfect choice. They are made of mesh and look business like.
Without good poses it would not be possible to take good pictures. The one used for this one comes from Purple Poses. It is sold at the current Zombie Popcorn Carnival.
The skin and shape come both from Adam and Eve.

Horns: /Wasabi Pills/  Inferno Horns (300 L$)
Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/  Alice Mesh Hair - (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack)
Dress:  22769 ~ [femme] Cathrine Dress White/Deep Pink mesh (140 L$ sold at ArisAris Festival)
Nails: [ni.Ju] Tintable White Claws (150 L$)
Heels: Ingenue :: Gatsby Heels :: Fushcia (295 L$)
Skin: Adam n Eve Skins - Victoria Sunkissed (1800 L$)
Pose: Purple Poses KRISTEN (100 L$ for 10 poses sold at Zombie Popcorn Carnival)

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