Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Quick!!! Quick!!!

No story this time from me, I apologise. Not too much, as the reason there's no story is because I don't want you to miss out on some great stuff, at great prices, with that element of Gatcha fun!

gatcha4 Depraved Nation is holding it's Summer Gacha Fair from June 1 - 15!  Participating designers will place their items in Gacha machines lining the sidewalks around the Sim center.

Gacha items are generally no copy/transfer so people playing the Gacha machines can swap items with each other when they purchase duplicates.  Fun times! gatcha 3

Items shown and listed here are all from these Gatchas, all of which are set to different prices as desired by the store owner.
 =RazorbladeJacket= Ribbed 3 Star Loose Tank / Purple MESH 35L
[SaKrO] Cats Body Paint #2  40L
=Razorblade Jacket=[Knee Socks] Punky Skull 13L
::Fe Style:: Bedtime Blue Glasses  20L
: S u g a r : Clutch This - Alice [Small] MESH 49L (Rare.. wooot!)
[bubble] Pink Velvet Flats 15L
[SP] Kitty Claw Tights (Lime) 25L
[ bubble ] Lace Thong - Green10L
Go! Go! Go!

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  1. Glasses are also mesh - only noticed when I went back to my usual non mesh viewer!