Monday, June 11, 2012

[vanimle sila tiri]

[vanimle sila tiri]

"Your beauty shines bright...",the dark-maned elf had whispered into Amaryth's pointy ear, and the tall-grown creature had no doubt that its mate's words were true, those softly uttered syllables in a tongue of ethereal beauty, like the sing-song of a butterfly's wings when it flew towards a golden summer sun. Praising his flesh, flawless and light like polished ivory, the keen curve of his blonde brows that reminded of the most precise elven bow, and his hair... straight, long tresses of silk spun under a pregnant moon's silvery light. His pink lips curled into a soft and affectionate smile as he placed one, slender hand on the other's chest, right above the heart, and the other over the subtly shimmering sun pendant that was dangling from his neck, held by a thin necklace of sumptuous gold - the gift he'd just received. Its reflections painted sparks of gold onto his immaculate skin and into the deep pools of his stunning, blue eyes when Amaryth leaned in and rubbed his cheek tenderly to the dark-haired's, his voice not more than an faint breath against a sensitive ear shell. "Amin harmuva onalle e' cormamin, melamin... I shall treasure your gift in my heart, my love."

The CHIC² Birthday Event is still running, and this time I'm introducing a piece of really breathtaking jewellery to you - the Lost Eden Sun Pendant from Maxi Gossamer Accessories. I'd often seen her stunning work at the Marketplace, but never dared to purchase it since I wasn't sure if it would fit a male neck as well, but this exquisite piece convinced me to have a try, and I wasn't disappointed. It's scripted to change size and - in this case - to swap between gold and silver textures, both of which are very detailed and a true feast for the eyes. It also comes in three different variants, a short one that you can see in the picture, a long one, reaching down to the middle of your torso, and a likewise long one that carries a slightly different pendant called Mini Orbit. No matter if you're in need to add a mystic touch to your roleplay adornments or want an eye catcher for your everyday-wardrobe, this versatile necklace has it all!

Hair: Maitreya - Evi II (platinum)
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Ryan skin (blonde)
Eyes: Poetic Colours - Classic - Glacier Bay
Ears: *~*Illusions*~* - Sprite Ears

Jewellery: MG - Necklace - Lost Eden Sun Pendant (at the CHIC² Birthday Event)

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