Saturday, July 21, 2012

Escaping Thoughts

A bird softly hit the window after some few moments it found the opening and managed to escape. More were allready escaping her brush. This meant it was time again. She should go back to work. If she didn t put them onto paper or an other material the things she had in her fingers escaped. At the moment it were only birds but she remembered the bread which had escaped very well. It tried to pose on a rock and it took quite a while until she managed to catch it. The birds would only confuse some biologiests and this was something she didn't mind at all. thougts on their way home IIThe latest round of Zombie Popcorn brand started today. The mesh dress by Epic is one of the items which is being sold there. It is available in four colours and each of them contains five sizes of the dress. It can be mixed easily with other items to go for a more grunge like style when combining it with battle boots and wristbands or when using sweeter accessories it fits great to a girlish look.
The idea of beings escaping a brush is just lovely. It comes from DownDownDown and is being sold at the gallery gift store. It is also the anniversary of this very cute event. So there is currently a hunt going on.
The hair is a hairfair release by wasabi pills. It reminds a bit on their teeloh hair but this one has a braid instead of open hair. The hairband can be tinted with the help of a hud.
Losthaven is an amazing store when it comes to clothes and more for roleplay. For example the armwraps on the picture. They can be mod (the set includes a version for guys and one for girls) and come in several colours. The brilliance of items from this stores is grounded by how versatile everything is. The armwraps go as well for postapocalyptic roleplay as well as for medivial storylines.
The make up was an item in a previous event and comes from Sweet Antidote, the boots are available at Death Row Designs.
The used pose comes from Purple Poses.
thougts on their way home
Dress: *Epic* -ZP- Mesh Burned Butterfly Jersey Dress {Faun} (109 L$ sold at Zombie Popcorn Brand)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Aida Mesh Hair (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack sold at the Hair Fair)
Brush: DownDownDown_Brush(bird) (100 L$ sold at the Gallery Gift Shop)
Armwraps: [LostHaven] Cloth Arm Wraps (400 L$)
Boots: Dreath Row Designs : Lazy Boots (fatpack 399 L$)
Makeup: .Sweet Antidote. grunge eyes and matching lips
Pose: Purple Poses (15 L$)

The picture has been taken at Lost Beach. This sim belongs to the City of Lost Angels simchain.

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