Saturday, August 11, 2012

Smoking Soiree

The thickly carpeted halls of the exclusive establishment had been reserved only for men, the titled, the political, even an odd royal or two. It was not a place for an entrepreneur, much less a woman. Such imbalances, as any errant numbers on her books, were not to be tolerated. It was impossible they said. To admit her would be to break the bounds of tradition. She decided to make a new tradition. For each black ball sent her way, she added pressure here and there, bought up the land, soaked up the titles, manipulated the politicians. Feathers were ruffled, the clack of her heels on the marble floors raised eyebrows at each step.
Vintage 1 They had threatened to leave of course, to desert their hallowed halls and seek refuge from the real world in some other club, taking their prestige with them. Few had followed through on these threats. This daring female, this threat to their old ways and challenge to their views rapidly became the principle reason for their attendance. The soft rustle of her silk dress set ageing hearts aflutter, the low cut style still emanated class, the softness of her skin wrapped demurely in lace. Stretching out in the fine leather armchair, supple through years of use, she slipped a cigarette into her favoured holder, never having to wait long for a light.
Vintage 8
The Vintage Fair is a delight! As with all such events, the sims took some getting into, but it was certainly worth the wait. A MESH build, so make sure you are on an appropriate viewer when you go! I'm a big fan of various vintage styles, and the range available at the fair was surprisingly eclectic (as my next post will show). 
This dress by GIZZA is a wonderful look. From arriving at their store at the fair, the railtracks cutting across the floor, I was in the time of Dillinger and Capone. Of course, the peplum skirt is also bang on trend for current fashions, and so the dress could easily be made to work as a very modern look.
Paired with the Captivity Co Vintage Noir Chair, this look is a real favourite of mine. The chair has multiple elegant poses for females / males, and sits in a subtle pool of  light, making it a great focal point in a dark room. I particularly like the buttoned leather and beading textures.

Dress :  GizzA - Elegant Steps [Vintage Fair]  L$ 450
Chair :  Captivity Co - Vintage Noir Chair  L$ 400
Eye make up :  Lovely Mi - Deep Eyes black [Eyes] L$ 80

Items not from Vintage Fair
Skin :  : S u g a r :  -C- :3: Fireball {Like A Virgin} Currently only L$ 99! but you better be quick!
Hair :  Pelle - Rori Black/blonde L$ 150
Cigarette and holder : ER Cigarette Holder - Red L$ 75 

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