Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Caught in the crypt

Just as Bluebeard had his secret room, a place to hide the reminders of his past, the cathedral had its crypt. There were bones scattered throughout the building of course, centuries of use and abuse had taken its toll. Some rooms were completely unusable, as anything but the storerooms they had become. The triumph of gothic architecture was the grandest charnel house the world had ever seen.
Ribsdress1 This was Millia's domain. The fires roared hot in the vast vaults of their inglenooks, the air in the rafters maintained a constant chill, keeping the bats happy, even as the latest bones consigned to the flames blackened and cracked. Bones were her business, she could only make use of the best in her craft, the rest served to keep the place warm enough for her guests. They came each night to browse and to admire, to look, but never to touch her creations, at least, not until coin of suitable value had dropped into the collection box.
Ribsdress2Millia was her work, she was proud of the beautiful new items she could inspire from things the living had left behind. Her home, and her appearance were her hallmarks. They were the only advertising she needed, if people had the wit to see it. As the lucky few who came with the darkness took their time, and browsed her wares, she could relax. Sinking comfortably into the soft leather of her favourite chair, tracing her fingertips over the tattoo still visible on one of its arms, she sighed with satisfaction. Some may think her ghoulish, perhaps. She was the most innovative of all those who cared for the world they shared, after all. She recycled everyone.

Dress :  +REDRUM+ Bones Dress L$ 79
MESH Comes with 5 sizes - XS S M L XL
Tattoo :  +REDRUM+ Paws Tattoo L$ 89
Pack includes 4 versions "Because the sweetest kittens have the sharpest claws!"
+Full Body Tattoo+ +Body Only Tattoo+ +Face Only Tattoo+ +Butt Only Tattoo+

Skin :  : S u g a r :  -C- :3: Fireball {Like A Virgin}
Not from the current range of skins - but still a stunner. Got to love those red lips. For the current range, head over here...

Eyes : REPULSE - Nocturnal Eyes (Green) L$99

Boots : BAX Prestige Boots Black Leather L$ 875

Hair : >TRUTH< Yolanda 2 Black and Whites pack L$ 250
Worn here is colour 'Crow' - the bands around the hair are colour change by clicking on them.

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