Saturday, May 4, 2013

We Love Role-Play - Nakooma


Nakooma, the maid hunter whose feet hardly touch a blade of grass.

Turquoise Shards
The memories of this year's amazing Fantasy Faire are still vivid, but some tireless Second Lifers already offer us new entertainment. SL roleplay fans must be very, very grateful to Arica Storaro and her friends who not only had the brilliant idea of setting up a market for warriors, damsels in distress and adventurers, but did indeed find the time to rope in some of the best creators in the field and organise something original and new. "We Love Role-Play!" is a monthly shopping event where you can buy goodies from (just in order to bait you with some random names) Evie's Closet, The Plastik, Fallen Gods Inc., Kouse's Sanctum, Analog Dog, Elvenbreath and many other excellent brands, for a special price.

UPDATE: visit the market here.

A visit to Arwen's Creations was on my "To Do" list for a while. I sincerely admire those SL creators who have an eye for details and also the necessary skill and patience to build an object accordingly, and Arwen Serpente is one of them - so you can imagine how happy I was when I received a polite message from Arwen herself, gently asking me whether I was interested in blogging her "Nakooma" outfit that she prepared for the opening of the "We Love Role-Play!" event. With the single exception of a spectacular feather crown I'd never worn a Native American outfit in SL, but I knew I just had to say yes, as I was absolutely sure that whatever I'd find in Arwen's boxes must be beautiful... and oh my, was I right. The "Nakooma" gown and the matching moccasins are so lovely that I won't even try to describe them... you must visit Arwen's store in the "We Love Role-Play!" market, period. "Girly" girls like myself will love the long and beautifully decorated skirt, the feather-and-turquoise necklace and the elaborate belt, while "tough" girls will appreciate the leggings and the mittens that allow you to jump, run and shoot your arrows with ease.
Talking of arrows, EZ Weaponry by Deccan Arida offers a splendid set of quiver and bow to the avid roleplayer. The "Gilded Bow of Jie" is a beauty to look at... and, as far as its firepower and other technical details are concerned, I'll tell you more when I'll have already slain my first SL troll or something equally big and dangerous. :)
For the poses I must thank Miyoko Magic of HelaMiyo, a generous pose maker and a fellow duck lover... quack quack, and thanks again for the giftie box! :)

Outfit and shoes: "Nakooma" Gown and Moccasins by Arwen's Creations - 399 L$ for the gown and 99 L$ for the moccasins... a real deal!
Bow: "The Guilded Bow of Jie" by EZ Weaponry - 450 L$.
Skin: "Dark Fairy Skin" by Eat Paste - a former hunt gift not available any more.
Hair: "Bonnie" in Smoke by Truth - the sale is still on although it's still impossible to access the sim (75 L$).
Eyes: "DragonEyes" in Blue Shards by Sterling Artistry - 65 L$.
Poses: "Unbalanced No. 4" and "Fashion Blogger No. 4" by HelaMiyo - 50 L$ for one pose, 100 L$ for a set of 10 poses.
The pictures were made at Mirromere.

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