Thursday, May 2, 2013


They were all girls.. can I make it any more obvious?

Ok. That's enough of that! While they were well aware of the song, their tastes had moved on a bit. As a group of people, they were a rarity. As a sports team, they were unique... as unique as four virtually identical sisters could be. Each had her own style, her own tastes, her own moves. Let's meet them!

Cadance: 5"7.
Enjoys : Writing novellas, reading the classics, studying the works of Byron and Shelley by candlelight for inspiration.
Signature move : Mute Air
Samantha : 5"7.
Enjoys : Watching cartoons. Only the classics, from merry melodies to all those with mice and rabbits and cats, where villains would scheme and plot, just for an acme anvil to fall, and set the world to rights.
Signature move : Hand Plant
Rayne : 5"7.
Enjoys : 80's Music. Spandau Ballet, Ah-ha and Duran Duran. White stripes on the cheeks of Prince Charming, and heading for a White Wedding with Billy Idol.
Signature move : Rail Grind
Mercy : 5"7.
Enjoys : Travel, visiting new places, experiencing the tingle of adventure with each destination, until even the strangest locations start to feel like home.
Signature move : Handstand

These lovely Skater Skirts are new from S U G A R for the XY ROOM Event running May 1- 20
This month it's an epic Gatcha Fest, with all the designers having items priced - as usual less than L$100
 Many with Rare and even SUPER RARE versions!

Here are shown some of the rarities from S U G A R
Cadance wears the   RARE Writer's Block
Samantha wears the   ULTRA RARE MINI - with its additional bow
Rayne wears the   RARE 80's
Mercy wears the   RARE Paris News

You can find the event, and these fabulous items (This round there's even a range for the Bois) here..

Also shown:
Location : What? Skate and Surf Park
Skateboard + Poses : HISposé  -  HISkate v.2 [phatpac] Version v2  L$ 100
Skateboard + Poses : No Strings Attached  - Skater (Pro)  L$ 100
Top : Gawk! Cozy Mini Sweatshirt - Black L$ 180
Appliers for Top : Gawk! Black Cozy Mini Sweatshirt - APPLIER FOR LOLAS! TANGO- L$ 100
Hair : Magika - Blame 03 - L$ 250
Skin :  :Sugar: [4] DB Bay / InK {1} [Teeth] L$ 699 - for a myriad of skin options 

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