Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Pirates of the Scarabbean

Scah Rab Anh was so close to the prize, oh so very close. A few more steps and she would finally fulfil the dream of generations and generations of her ancestors. She would finally put her hands on the Chest of the Golden Scarab, the treasure her great-grandfather's great-grandfather had already been hunting for... a treasure for which her family had left the golden Egyptian sands and embarked on a neverending journey on the high seas. Scah Rab Anh silently gulped (the responsibility was weighing her down, after all), and entered the fog that was floating at the entrance of the cave.
Pirates of the Scarabbean
"A peacock sitting on his tail is nothing but a turkey"; "Patience comes to those who wait for it"; "Don't eat yellow snow!" Have you ever been in dire need of some words of deep wisdom? If yes, then please visit the fortune teller's booth in the Temple at Selidor! You might or might not be granted the fabulous prize, the special version of the "Scarab" skin with accessories, the latest brilliant creation of Alia Baroque of Fallen Gods Inc., but you will surely not leave without some piece of precious advice from the blue guy in the box. You may win the prize until November 3rd so please don't hesitate to visit!

Skin and accessories: "Scarab" by Fallen Gods Inc. - special Fortune Teller prize (0 L$).
Hair: "Penny" in special Sea Colours by Calico Creations - Trick or Treat Trail Hunt prize (0 L$). The rigged mesh hair comes with a colour change HUD so you can pick your favourite from among many lovely sea colour combinations.
Eyes: "Daily Eyes" in Mulberry Wine by Sterling Artistry - 85 L$.
Pose: "Caliope" by Fly Lily! Poses - not available any more.

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