Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Small town escape

Life in the small town was repetitive... Day in, day out, hours rolled by, but it all seemed to stay the same. First there had been school, days segmented into classes, recess giving time to run around and play before being corralled back inside, more learning then lunch, more of the same, over and over. High school followed, less running around, more learning, more time under the teacher's eye, all of it had led to this.
All summer following graduation Ana worked at the gas station. The job had been hers for years, evenings after school, and weekends, times when traffic flowed, to work, to school, to the mountains or the drive-in. Now the days dragged. While everyone else in town was at work, or off having fun, she waited, watching vapour trails of new jet liners criss-crossing the sky.
When she wasn't waiting by the pumps, there was always other work for Ana to do in the garage. In the small town, small minds were secure in their mid century beliefs. Womens work was cleaning, and so she cleaned. She was about as satisfied with this as she was waiting by the pumps in the heat of the day. Who needed a clean garage anyway? Greasers coming inside to talk engines would use the main garage entrance, housewives and their husbands passed neatly folded bills through rolled down windows, never leaving their cars. The office was a place to pass time, doing as she was told.
Out back, behind the garage, hidden among rusty junkers under a dirty tarp was her way out of the small town. At night, after Fat Pete locked up, tried and failed to pinch her behind and stumbled off home to his wife Ana would sneak back inside. No lights but her headlamp, she'd gather the tools and head out to the Chevvy she was bringing back to life. Some night soon, she would be free, out of here to places where horizons and opportunities were broader than traditions. It wouldn't be long now. Until then she would work, she would wait.

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Ana 1
Hair : >TRUTH< Chynna - pumpkinpie
Skin :  :Sugar: [4] DB Chloe - Clear- Teeth
Top :  The Sea Hole - Painted Desert Bodysuit - Clay 3
Shoes :  : S u g a r : Dangerous Heels

Ana 2
Hair : >TRUTH< Chynna - pumpkinpie
Skin :  :Sugar: [4] DB Chloe - Clear- Teeth
Top :  The Sea Hole - Lichtenstein Halter Top - Beetle 1
Shoes :  : S u g a r : Dangerous Heels

Ana 3
Hair : >TRUTH< Chynna - pumpkinpie
Skin :  :Sugar: [4] DB Chloe - Clear- Teeth
Top : The Sea Hole - SailBetty Cardigan - Coral Red 1
Shoes : : S u g a r : Dangerous Heels

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