Thursday, February 27, 2014


Nest 884-A was the last outpost and it was the place they had sent her to. It was as much of a punishment as a reward. Every watcher of 884-A had made an impressive carrer at the end. But at the moment she doubted that this would happen to her. On her way she had rested on all outposts on the way and listened to the stories of the other watchers. It seemed like the big swarms of mer people had went far to the east. Which meant she would not have to deal with them. But nobody was able to answer the question why they had left.
The last distance was longer than she had expected it. So her wings were weak when she finally reached the outpost. Her back would hurt but at least it seemed like none of her feathers were broken and although she had fallen onto her back while landing her tail was more or less unharmed as well. She thanked the big bird quietly and was happy to find the small nest, which was hidden in the outpost, clean.
If the flight had not been so long and exhausting she would have eventually had used the rest of the daylight to explore the outpost. Especially the ladders and the plattform at sealevel. But being tired she had fallen asleep imediatly. So she did not know what to do besides of locking the door when hearing the wood, the most of the outpost was built of, creak. In the morning she stepped outside - after she had made sure that nobody was waiting for her outside - and looked over the sea. Everything was calm. But she did know that something was out there. Something or somebody who had caused the mer to leave. She would find it out. But first she would need to wait for the return of the night.

DeviousMind takes part in the fantasy gatcha event. Their item is called Harpyia and consists of rigged bird legs, wings and feathers. The quality of the item is very high especially for being not very costly at all. It was a nice surprise to get the Nighthawk version as it goes so nicely with the Raven skin from fallen gods inc. The skin is available in several tones and comes with a pg cover and two versions of the chest part. The Hawk Hair from Wasabi Pills completes the bird look. As shape the Amaris shape from Adam n Eve has been used.

Birds often seem to like to be at high places. So the Escape from 22769's house/furniture brand [bauwerk] is a most suitable building. It is available in four different colours and suits different kinds of settings as for example cute sims or more post apocalyptic worlds.

The used poses come from Ma Vie. The Harpy set also includes a pose which makes sure that the arms are being hold up so that the avatar looks also bird like in it's movments.
Skin: +Fallen Gods Inc+ . : FEATHERS - RAVEN
Hair:  /Wasabi Pills/ Hawk Mesh Hair - Ash
Wings, Birdlegs, Birdtail: !dM deviousMind "Harpyia" **NIGHTHAWK** (available at the Fantasy Gacha Carnival will end at the 28th of February)
Shape: Adam n Eve Shape - Amaris

House:  22769 ~ [bauwerk] The Escape (red) (LI 23 / 14 Prims)

Poses: Ma Vie

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