Friday, May 30, 2014

World Goth Fair 2014 - Dark Wings

She landed in an unknown realm, wet and dark... which she found pleasant and unpleasant at the same time. She adored darkness, it was her natural element... but all that rain? She shivered as she felt her black feathers were already glued together. How should she fly now, and stalk her prey? Yet, she knew she had no other choice whatsoever. The Dark Lord was her commander and she was to obey his orders, no matter what. She shivered for a second longer, then she clicked her talons and spread her heavy black wings. The hunt for the lost soul was on.
Dark Wings
Greetings, ye dark creatures lurking in the shadows! You still have a few days to visit The World Goth Fair and pick up this dramatic tattoo by Fallen Gods, together with another great piece of skin art called "Widow". .... well, spread your wings, too, and flap away! :)

Skin: "Siggy Lumiere" by Essences, for the The Dressing Room Fusion - 70 L$.
Tattoo: "Tarantula" by Fallen Gods for the World Goth Fair, Donation Item for the Sophie Lancaster Foundation - 380 L$.
Ears: "Simple Elf Ears" by Mandala - 307 L$.
Wings: "Devine Wings" in Raven by Death Row Designs- 100 L$.
Claws: "Demon Hands" Female by Death Row Designs- 60 L$.
Lips: "Rival Black" by Glamorize - 1 L$.
Hair: "Siiri" in Black by EMO-tions - 245 L$ for a Black-and-White pack.
Eyes: "Feral Eyes" in Heavens by Sterling Artistry- 65 L$.
Armbands: part of the "Narke" outfit in Black by RunoRuno- 100 L$.
Pasties: "Muka Zombie Pasties" - part of an old hunt gift by Muka.
Pose: "SloMo Girlie" by Del May- 50 L$.
The picture was taken in the H220 sim, still wet and still wonderful. :)

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