Friday, July 11, 2014

Vengeance in the woods

1 Arianna had searched the forest. Weeks had passed since she had heard from her elder sister. While this wasn't unusual in itself, her sister had been in touch so often lately, bragging of her new house. "Oh you should see the windows, they are so clear, clear as glass." She rolled her eyes, as line after line of script in her siblings cramped, arthritic hand slid through her mind's eye. "The walls, so straight, not askew and tumbledown like your town..." So she lived in a town, near to her friends, and yeah, the area wasn't exactly enticing to many, but Arianna loved it, so what? "My pride and joy is my new stove." her sister had bragged, "Not an easy thing to keep running, woodfired as it is, and the chimney going up through the roof. Those gingerbread tiles will have to be replaced at least every five years." Rounding the bend in the path, she stumbled, and came to a halt. The house, so beautifully rendered, was in ruin. Sugarwork windows smashed, gingerbread tiles sliding away from an enormous burned hole in the roof, the door, a masterpiece of the chocolatier's art hung from its candycane frame at a crazy angle, and inside...
Leading away from the destruction were footsteps, four small, and two huge. 
She would follow, away from the taint of smoke in the air, and she would have her vengeance. 2 We <3 Roleplay

This ongoing event with ever changing vendors is an Aladdin's cave of excellent, and cut price items for all manner of roleplaying genre. Get on over and check it out!
We <3 Roleplay

Arianna wears :
Hair : +Spellbound+ Gwendalynn // Natural Selection L$ 260
Great hair, the pack comes with 3 standard mesh sizes, all capable of wear with mesh bewbs, and another for those without this particular enhancement. HUD driven, there are 14 colour options, from blacks and whites through reds, browns and blondes. There are also four crowns included! They come in gold, bronze, black and ruby.
Jewellery :  :[P]:-Krysis Jewelry Sets:// Nightmother. L$ 89
Black jewellery? I'm there! The detailing on this set is everything you would expect from The Plastik, at a truly amazing price. The set contains the collar, horns and earrings shown here. There are also shorter versions of the earrings, a lip ring, belly piercing, necklaces on cords and chains and on and on and on!
Outfit : [Velvet/Whip] Tracker Outfit Dark Red.  L$ 125
Fantastically versatile outfit. Waistcoat, pants and belt are all separates, the detailing on each is outstanding. If red isn't your thing, this outfit is available in different colours at We <3 Roleplay.

Also shown - not from this event -

Skin : DeeTaleZ Skin Delicious Skin ELLY rose smokey Caramel L$ 199
Eyes : The Skin Shop - Reflect Green Pack (Emerald) L$ 275

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