Tuesday, August 26, 2014

O Shepherdess Where Are Thyne Pastures?

The last lamb was exhausted and weak. It looked up to the centre of its tiny world, the shepherdess, the benevolent caretaker and the source of all goodness, and it silently begged for water. "Oh my dear... I am so very, very sorry..." - whispered the young girl, and hugged the little woolly body closer. "There has been no rain for ages, the pastures are fenced, and we are not permitted into town. But I shall not leave you alone, my dear." The thirsty, exhausted girl kept the thirsty, exhausted lamb in her arms, and she was waiting for whatever fate was mapped out for them.
As far as gacha machines are concerned, I made a vow some time ago. "I shall play one gacha machine three times, and I shall be happy with whatever I receive" ... and, oddly enough, the spirits guiding those machine handles reward me with rare or ultra rare pieces amazingly often.

Many of the items I'm showing you here are from the current round of The Fantasy Gacha Carnival, already duly introduced by my swifter-than-the-wind fellow blogger Vyl here. You can tempt your luck at Acerbus Silva until August 31st (or, according to the notice you receive when landing, until September 8th), so you still have a few days to walk around, pick and play.
Dress: "Mei Mei" by May's Soul in Green (common) - 75 L$ per play.
Headpiece and collar: "Lifa" by Zibska, full set with colour HUD (rare) - 50 L$ per play.
Face jewellery: "Miradi'el" by Keystone in Onyx (rare) - 50 L$ per play.
Necklace: "Eloise Chain Collar" by The Forge in Black (common) - 75 L$ per play.
Hand jewellery: "Aaliya Hawk" by Luas in Metal (common) - gacha machine available in the shop, 50 L$ per play.
Sheep: "Sheepie" by Adore & Abhor in Licorice - a previous Zodiac Event gacha prize now available in the main shop, 50 L$ per play. I'm a RL Aries so I'm quite taken with this sweet cutie, you know...
Skin: "Fairy" by Mudskin, blogged here.
Nails: "Basic Prim Nails" by Candy Nail in Monotone 10 - 70 L$.
Hairbase: "Curls" by EMO-tions in Black - a previous group gift.
Eyes: "Immortal Eyes" by IKON in Sage - group gift June 2014, now available for sale in the main shop (150 L$).
Pose: Gesticulate - an old gift from the FabFree Headquarters, not available any more.
The picture was taken at El Laberinto Perdido, the latest build by Romy Nayar - quirky and bizarrely cute, as her creations usually are.

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