Saturday, February 28, 2015

Creepy Kawaii - Last Day!

1 Jane, Jane, Impunity Jane, locked in the toybox, time and again. The nursey rhyme; formed from the book which had inspired her name; echoed around toybox, and the dusty attic in which it now rested. It had followed the box from room to room, child to child, a horror handed down through generations. In the story, Impunity Jane was saved from confinement by Gideon. There had been no such hero for this Jane. Over the years her strings had slackened, her reach extended, her anger deepened. 2 All those in the box had learned a thing or two through the years. Each child, good, bad or careless affected the toys that they own, just as toys would shape them. Dexterity and logic, colour and form were all learned from blocks, bricks and tiny intricate clothing. Decades had passed since they had learned anything new, the lid had been closed and not reopened. They learned from each other, in the gloom, good and bad. Factions were formed and territories claimed in the wooden box that had become their world. Jane had grown, claws and all, in bloody battles of tangled strings and flying stuffing.
Giraffe Now these scuffles were over, they were ready. Cute and dangerous, ready and waiting...
Lift the lid.

Creepy Kawaii - what better kind? The fair is up and running, with booths from many fabulous creators for all your cute but deadly needs. I am so sorry! The last day of the fair is TODAY! Run run run!!!
Creepy Kawaii

Hair : Ploom - Yuki Candy  L$ 250
Four versions - large and small, with bewbs and without. HUD offers 60 colour variations. Also comes with a hairbow, with its own colourchange HUD.
Eyes : Quirky + Lovely Disarray - Little Death Dealer - Green  L$ 300
One normal, one bloody eye! Mesh and normal eyes, can be worn either way. Blood for face and fingers comes in light and dark versions (darker blood shown). Applier for SLink and Maitreya hands and nails.
Outfit : .{yumyums}. Creepy Collared Outfit {Minty Grape Eyebows}  L$ 199
Knitted top and silky textured skirt in one outfit. Available in standard 5 MESH sizes. 3 different colour combinations available.
Teddy : .{yumyums}. ILO War-Ready Teddy  L$ 299
The only teddy for futuristic battles! 6 colours available. Lavender shown.
Giraffe : +Half-Deer+ Tiny Teacup Giraffe - Prism Power  L$ 75
This gorgeous little beast is a gacha prize! Animated with a gentle motion, bring some giraffe magic to your SL.

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