Thursday, March 12, 2015

Last Days of Fantasy Gacha Carnival - Lotus Dawn

The delicate pink buds were slumbering in peace… but one, especially if „one” was a Lotus Nymph, could perceive a soft, it-is-just-there stirring among the silky petals and gently arching stems. Nymph and flowers sensed in unison that something was going to happen, and soon… Dawn, the sunrise, the first warm rays of light, the beginning of a new day, growth and flourishing. The Nymph caressed the nearest lotus bud, and the bud caressed her back… then they both turned, in happy anticipation, towards the golden orb slowly rising in the East.
The soft pearly white skin by Fallen Gods is one of the rare gacha prizes at the Fantasy Gatcha Carnival. What makes it even more precious is the fact that Alia Baroque and Charlie of Soul have recently started collaborating on making their lovely creations compatible, so from now on the amazing Fallen Gods skins are going to have an applier for Uni ears! And, as we all know, Uni ears are the absolute dream of fantasy creatures in SL, be it Elf, Drow, or Mer... proudly strutting an FGI skin. :)
The final shopping day at the FGC is the 15th of March, so you still have a few days to visit the machines and tempt your fortune… maybe they’re going to be gracious with you as a farewell gesture.

Skin and eyes: Fables Lumina „Firefly” by Fallen Gods (rare) – Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 50 L$ per play.
Ears: Uni Ears „Blix” by .:Soul:. – 399 L$; each package includes a lot of goodies in addition to the pair of ears you've picked.
Hair: „Sheena” by LeLutka – free group gift (the group is free to join).
Gown: Inanna „Flower Antique” by !Aphorism! (common) – Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 75 L$ per play.
Tiara: Ivory Flower Head Dress „Milk” by Zenith – Fantasy Gacha Carnival, 75 L$ per play.
Collar: High Elf Lace Collar by Zenith – group gift (the group is free to join).
Nails: Basic Nails „Autumn Pink” by Candy Nail – group Lucky Board prize (the group is free to join).
Pose: "Wrist Action" No. 4 by HelaMiyo - 25 L$ for a single pose, and 200 L$ for a package of 10 poses.
The picture was taken at Japan Tempura Island.

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