Saturday, May 2, 2015

Fantasy Faire 2015 - Midnight Sakura

Cherry trees usually blossom in the daytime. Ordinary cherry trees, and ordinary flowers, maybe... but not the mythical Nightshadow Sakura, the admired and treasured plant that maybe two dozen adventurers have ever witnessed to turn into a bouquet of splendid silky flowers for one night only, promptly fading away at the next dawn. For the Nightshadow Sakura is a messenger of great and important tidings... whether good or bad, however, the flowers cannot foretell. They only glow in a soft silky mysterious light, as if smiling, and observe the world with majestic grace...
Midnight Sakura
Outfit and accessories: "K'aalogii" by -AZUL-. This fabulous kimono set is a RFL donation item (850 L$), created in the true and authentic -AZUL- style, which is a synonym for "grandiose" and "regal". :) You can find their shop in the YoZakura sim, so don't hesitate to pay a visit.
Skin: "Oceanica Atlantic Eclipse" by Fallen Gods Inc. - a RFL donation item (1.100 L$) The skin package includes a complete set of mermaid fins and some jewellery, too, so you actually get an avatar for a very reasonable price. Fallen Gods is at Odyssey... where else? :D
Ears: Uni Ears "High Elf" by Soul (399 L$). The ears are not a current RFL donation item, but they are available in Charlie's booth at Ichi-Go Ichi-E.
Hair: "Petula" by Analog Dog - a RFL donation item (350L$) available at Tangleshimmer Grove.
Eyes: Perspective Eyes in "Oxidation" by IKON - an old group gift now available for 150 L$.
Necklace: Oceanica Necklace in "Ivory Shell" by Fallen Gods - included in the Oceanica Skin packages.
Cherry blossom petals with several built-in poses: Runo Runo - 200 L$.
The picture was taken at YoZakura.

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