Saturday, August 22, 2015


The sands in the shallows were soft, the water warmed by penetrating sunbeams rippling across the low forest of kelp, shifting and rippling in the gentle tide.
Naia liked to spend the early morning hours in the pale blue light; resting, letting the exertions of the night and the depths ease out of her muscles and mind.
Even now, she faced away from the shallows, away from the safety of the city with its temples, homes, and schools; to where the light and warmth met the drop off. Naia appreciated the work of all those behind her, as they relied on her and her companions. As she had grown her childhood fascination with the deep had become an obsession; her silver colouring made her an ideal candidate for the Guardians. Now daily, she built her strength in the safety of sunlight, preparing for the excitement of new discovery and dangers in the deep.

Enchantment is a quarterly shopping event with a fairytale theme. The fairytale chosen for this round is The Little Mermaid. Creators design exclusive items matching the chosen fairytale. There is a hunt, with exclusive gifts, all you have to do is find all the shells. Info and hints are available at the landing point. There is also a fairytale ball, costume contests and photo contests, as well as live performances, and art showcases. Enchantment is open from August 14th until September 4th. 


Skin : Essences - Ariel02 *medium01* brunette. L$ 199
Hair : .Olive. the Pearl Hair - Color Fades L$ 340
Eyes : Clemmm - Unwanted Fog  L$ 73
Makeup : .ARISE. Mermaid Mask / Green:  L$ 99
Mer Body : ALEGRIA Metal Mermaid Body Silver (V) L$ 300

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