Friday, March 25, 2016

Come on down to the river - Skin Fair 2016

Come on down to the river.
Follow the path through the sun dappled glade,
In the warmth of the light, and the cool of the shade.
Come on down to the river.
Follow the stream to the river.
Over the stones as it chatters, chase down each curve and each bend,
Past fallen branches, the rocks split by frost, slowly start to descend.
Follow the stream to the river.
Find me down at the river.
In the water is where my heart lies.
Light on the ripples could dazzle your eyes...
Find me there, find me there, down at the river.

More from the Skin Fair 2016
Another beautiful skin (as ever) from DS'ELLES. The pack contains skins with four brow options, no-brow, brown, blonde and black. Hairbases as tattoo layers in Auburn, Black, Jet Black, Blonde, Blonde Clair, Brown, Dark Brown, Platinum, Red and White. Alpha Masks to hide those pesky system lashes (and ears if you want rid of those). If you have the Colorado appliers from previous skin buys from the store - they work perfectly.
Tattoo : .ARISE. Lisa Tattoo L$ 109
This tattoo contains a tintable system tattoo layer, and appliers in Red, Black, and White for Slink, TMP, and Omega.
Skin Fair 1
Skin Fair 2
From We < 3 RP
Top : S&P Top Aly brown L$ 399
Corset : .A. Fenrir Corset Rust L$ 297
We < 3 RP

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