Sunday, April 2, 2017

The Sigil Of The Cauldron

The Sigil Of The Cauldron

The Sigil appeared in a glade at the North-North-Eastern woods. Nobody knew where it came from, not even the most curious squirrel family, the Sniffers. The inhabitants of the forest were just gathering around the weird object when The Sigil started to hum. The vibrating noise was soft at first... then, unexpectedly, it became more intensive. At a certain point the inhabitants of the forest fled. Not even the members of the famous Sniffer clan were able to resist the vibrations that hurt their soft squirrel ears, eyes and noses. The next morning The Sigil was gone... but the previously tiny mushrooms, the toadstools and buttons and porcini that were growing in the glade, were huge wonderful amazing tree-like creatures now. The Sigil performed a miracle overnight... and the inhabitants of the wood, the Sniffer clan included, remained forever grateful for this unexpected, yet miraculous intervention of a benign supernatural entity.

The colour changing Sigil of the Cauldron is offered by “Abstract Soul” (Methias Kira) during the Ember’s Cauldron Shopping Event, for a very modest amount of 50 $L.
Visit the Ember’s Cauldron Shopping Event home page here at Charlie’s (Lerochelle Destiny) blog.
AND please, please do NOT forget to visit the “Filling The Cauldron” event where you may bid for some quite unique objects and services offered by Elicio’s friends, and you may purchase lovely outfits and other wonderful things... including Elicio's RL drawings and watercolour paintings!
Thank you very much in advance, and I do hope we'll meet inworld soon!

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