Saturday, May 4, 2019

Wishing - A Midas Tale. Fantasy Faire 2019

What would you want, if you could have anything?
A seductive question, perhaps the most enticing combination of word or thought that could be conjured. Once asked, it captivated; either by focus and endless longing, or through purposeful, eternal avoidance through fear of what may, or may not be possible.
Midas had certainly thought himself lucky, blessed by the gods with a touch that turned all to gold. The gold delighted him, what more could anyone wish for? No worries could plague him, all financial concerns a thing of the past, he and his family were all set for life. Xenia, the eternal honoured practice of opening hearth and home to any guest had gained him this prize. The gods however, took their pleasure in not only punishing those who flouted ancient laws, but in toying with those who did all in their power to follow them. Midas had gone first to his rose garden, touching each bloom in turn, until the bushes sagged under the weight of his riches. A brushed kiss on his daughter's cheek, the loving clasp of his wife's hand and his family were worth more than all the wealth of the town, their true value lost forever.
What could you want, when offered everything, other than some guarantee that what you already had wouldn't be taken away? Or, if what you truly wanted was for something to be taken away, that it wouldn't be visited on those closest to your heart to appease some deity's twisted sense of humour in a cosmic joke? Wishing for more wishes was forbidden of course, though people were still sure to waste their opportunity by asking. Whatever was asked for was granted, but this. The consequences, good or bad were unknowable in advance, even to the one granting the request. What was best, what was safest, what could do the most harm, the most good? There was no knowing, no guarantee in wishing. Would it better serve the worlds if there were no wishing? Wishing stemmed from hope, its painful double edge cut dreams into tatters while opening doors. Hope fuelled wishing, from Midas to the modern day. Those who granted them, mostly by now grown out of impish mischief, could only hold to that which gave their power. The heart of it all. Hope.

Hope. We have it. The Fantasy Faire has been, and for a short while longer will continue to be, amazing. Hope and the goodness within people has raised over $60,000. Thats USD. Over TEN MILLION LINDENS. That L$250 here and there, that one big purchase of a skin, or a build for a thousand or more - it all adds up. It is all adding up. It is adding up to improving your life inworld. To improving life in the really real world, for people fighting for their lives. Keep going. Keep relaying. You are the ones granting wishes. You are bringing hope.

(Oh and don't worry too much about Midas, he was granted a further boon by the gods and all he'd turned to gold was returned to him as it had been, including his wife and daughter!)

All pictures taken in Fantasy Faire Sim Midas

Hair : !!Firelight!! Rigged FItMesh Hair - Fatpack - Irene Gen2+
Sanguinely Garden
Veil :  Dreaming Thicket - Dianthus Veil - Pomegrana Gold (Transparent)
Tensors Flying Market
Tattoo :  Endless Pain Tattoos - Virion black
Twilight Spring
Necklace :  [HarshLands] FF X Necklace - ULTRA RARE - Demon
Light of Valoth
Dress :  MoonLiteCatCreations -  Marigold Gold Dress
Bracelet : .AiShA. Kraken Bracelet Ring Gold
Shoes : (*<*) 1313 Mockingbird Lane Evie Sandals
Nightshade Blossoms

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