Saturday, April 25, 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020 - Revelation

The sands shifted as the spring breeze swirled into existence, chasing the last of the clinging frosts from the dunes. Grain tumbled over grain; a slip swelling into a landslide, uncovering what had remained buried for decades. The glimmer of crystal, a shining drop of blue amidst the sand. Emerging from the depths of the earth's clinging confinement, Arala stepped forth, pulling her staff free behind her.

"So dry... so barren..."
She coughed, the dust rattling loose as thoughts from the dark slowly coalesced. Understanding of what had happened dawned, her anger and disappointment grew. Grumbling to herself she looked around, poking here and there at the dunes with the base of her staff.
"It must be around here somewhere!"
The gentle touch of the breeze flowed over her, carrying with it the answer.
"Oh... It's me."

Arala began to climb. She had been looking for a reason, an actual revelation to explain her own.
She remembered the decline, the loss.
Her deminishment, through no fault of her own. There had been fault, but in this moment, it no longer seemed to matter. She was again. Conscious and present. It could mean only one thing. There was a place for her in the world again, all she had to do was take it. All things change, nothing lasts forever, neither joy nor pain. Life would return to the barren wastes, she would be the one to bring it. Her light grip tightened around her staff, as she smiled, rain began to fall.

It's BAAAAAAAAAAAACK! Fantasy Faire Time! And already I have typoed Fantasy as Fantasty and have had to change it. This happens EVERY year.
Anyway... clears throat and puts on a boxing match announcer voice...
It's back. It's bigger than ever. It's EIGHTEEN sims of amazing creations, wonderful people spending their money not only to get mindbogglingly gorgeous stuff, but to benefit the world by supporting the cause of fighting cancer. I'm so excited. Get down there. Be amazing. Join the shopping, the events, the community. The real revelation is that the answers will come from us.

Items shown are sold as 100% donations for Relay for Life.
Crown : AMBIX // Chrysalis Crown [Glacial]
Melusina’s Depths
Hair : Raven Bell - Nereid Hair F2
Auxentios’ Pass
Eyes : !TLB - Lyric Eyes/Green
Skin : .:Soul:. [G3] Jalyn RaniV2 [FF20]  -BOM-
Gown : Mishmash Fusion - Dark Siren Gown - Purple - Maitreya
Lamented Fens
Staff : Jinx : Spirit Moon Staff

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