Sunday, January 24, 2010

being a glad huntress and find dresses

I never saw Marry Poppins so a friend said "well you don' t need to see it we can play it ourself". I wasn t very good in playing Marry Poppins so he helped me to deal with the umbrella.
Umbrella: GLITTERATI - Umbrella - Freebie

because i liked his help so much i secretly put that note on his butt:
Note: *Kattastrophe* : Arschzettel (0 or 1 Linden)

So here our outfits:
We both wear the elf ears from RGK
Brim the metrosexual Elf wears:
Ears: RGK -- Straight Elf Ears UNISEX (0 Linden)
Shirt: Scribble - Haiti donation shirt (75 Linden)
Trousers: ****em**** check Pants(LB)BOX (Lucky board)
Shoes: Maschienenwerk (0 Linden)

I wear:
Ears: RGK -- Curved Elf Ears UNISEX
Outfit: -MHFA- Laceup dress Black

Seeing Brim in those trousers made me have trouser envy so i had to get them myself.
Shirt: "NINIKOBOY"Freebie-Tshirts
Trousers: ****em**** check Pants(LB)BOX (Lucky board)
Socks: unicorn sox (i found them somewhere as freebie but i think they are made by sockshop)

After getting the trousers i needed to relax in :CP: Curio Slipper Bath for the Heat Wave Hunt

Bathingsuit: Icing : Angel Food Cake (not free i suppose around 250 Linden)
Stockings: Sick with lust : Blue Skulls Stockings (They belong to the Skull Skirt set which costs like everything at Sick with lust 50 Lindens)

At Sassy Kitty Design i found this great Dress. Its very elegant and im thankful that one of my simmates told me not to wear it with my favourite battle boots.

Outfit: [Sassy Kitty Designs] Pretty Fashion Addict Dress for NYR Hunt

I love men clothes. So i was glad when i won the midnight mania outfit at Bellissima!. They also have stuff for women but in my opinion the coat looks much better on me than the gowns.

Outfit: Bellissima! : _Bell_Mutiny in Red

Being tired again i played a bit with my dollshouse. Its also a freebie.

Dollshouse: *Kattastrophe*: Junes Dollhouse (bx)
Shirt: * RezIpsa Loc * ~ Cookie Monster (Broken Resolutions Hunt)
Trousers: [Random] - Male Pinstriped (GNUBIE) (1 Linden)

And last but not least, Mystic sky has a new lucky chair item.

Dress: ~Mystic Sky~ : Autumn Gown: Brown (Lucky chair item)

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